Wise choice to earn money while studying at FPT University

To keep up with the fast-paced world of technological advancement, FPT University, created by FPT, has designed an MSE program that bridges the gap between academia and industry reality to prepare professionals for leadership positions, improve their strategic skills, and share the latest digital trends that are impacting the industry.

In the context of Industry Revolution 4.0, Information Technology is changing society rapidly. From business and health, to manufacturing and entertainment, IT underpins scientific discoveries,medical breakthroughs, and the development of innovative new products and services that are central to many aspects of modern life.

Software engineers are listed among the hottest and highest-paid experts in many countries of the world. Some developed countries are rapidly relaxing their immigration laws in order to solve their critical shortages in this area. Software engineers are in demand not only at software development companies but also in all other organisations. It seems like career opportunities for software engineers are essentially unlimited because the ideas of what’s possible in this world are endless. In addition, with the growth of e-commerce, the need for skilled software engineers is increasing at a rate that far outstrips the supply.

Privately owned by FPT Corporation, the largest IT company in Vietnam and with locations in 31 countries, FPTU provides programs that meet international standards while giving students the skills required to work in the fast-paced and complex field of software engineering.

Especially, FPT University guarantees students a full-time job at FPT Corporation or one of FPT’s partners in Vietnam while studying for master degree. The program’s classes will be taken in the evening and weekend in order to help the students get a job to earn money and gain practical experience. “Students can apply their knowledge in practical issues or practical problems in the industry. That means to help them after they graduate, they can work with companies,” said Dr. Doan Trung Tung – Lecturer & Leader of Computing Program of University of Greenwich (Vietnam).

Because FPT wants to help push IT specialists forward in their careers, it has launched a new MSE scholarship program aimed at supporting foreign professionals currently working in the IT industry who would benefit from learning from a Vietnamese institution – one of the top countries for outsourcing IT expertise globally.

The launch of the new scholarship is aimed at supporting foreign employees who are currently working in the IT industry. Up to 20 scholarships a year will be awarded to eligible foreign IT professionals admitted into the program. Alternatively, students will have the option to receive a laptop by making the first installment payment before July 15, 2018 or get USD800 (~10% tuition fee).

Eligibility criteria, application requirements and applications are available on FPT University website. http://international.fpt.edu.vn/mse-apply/

Why choose MSE program at FPT University?

  • FPT University is the leading private university in Vietnam that provides internationally recognized programs. It currently holds 3 stars in QS World University Rankings System.
  • Students are provided with the industry-oriented academic content that brings enormous opportunities to reach high-paid careers after graduation,specially, Big Data and Project Management specializations which enable graduates to catch up with ICT trends.
  • Professional Certificates (PMP, TOGAF, or Cloudera) are granted to students after completing each module.
  • All classes are taught on weekends; therefore, students are allowed to work part-time or full-time on weekdays to accumulate practical knowledge and skills.
  • Graduates with great potential have the distinct possibility of getting recruited directly by FPT affiliate companies operating in 19 countries around the world.