Vietnam thirsty for IoT ideas and solutions

More than 200 guests, including technology experts from Microsoft, Amazon, FPT, VNPT, etc. and the start-up community participated in Vietnam IoT Day- the biggest event of the year for the IoT Community.

On the morning of January 13, more than 200 guests, including technology experts and those who are interested in IoT participated in the annual Vietnam IoT Day organized by FPT. During the event, keynote speakers covered not only various topics of the IoT ecosystem but also solutions from Microsoft, Amazon, etc. as well as the application of IoT in Smart City projects.

This is the second year that the biggest event in the field of building and developing the IoT community in Vietnam has been taken place.

Mr. Le Hong Viet- Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at FPT, said that in Vietnam, many ideas and products on IoT are being applied in certain fields.

“The introduction of IoT devices has changed the way people communicate, work, live, entertain and connect,” Mr. Le Hong Viet- FPT’s Chief Technology Officer spoke at the event. He also shared that in Vietnam, many ideas and products on IoT are being applied in certain fields such as smart agriculture, intelligent traffic, smart home, etc. and that has brought some certain effect.

However, he also noted that the key challenges for business and startup in Vietnam is to inspire love, motivation and creativity to produce real and useful products to develop in many other areas and have a direct impact on people’s lives.

On the same page, speaker Hoang Minh Chinh- a cloud computing expert of Microsoft Azure said that although IoT is not a new concept, but still faced many difficulties in developing not only in Vietnam but also in the whole world. However, he said that the deployment of IoT technology is gradually becoming easier when IoT applications have entered the human life in the recent time.

Speaker Hoang Minh Chinh- representative of Microsoft Azure predicts that there will be around 30 billion IoT devices in the world by 2020.

Mr. Hoang Minh Chinh also predicted that over 30 billion IoTs will be used in the world by 2020, playing an important role in the lives of all modern families. He also saw IoT as a business solution using a technology-based platform. He believed that all areas of success must come from the needs of life and the technology must support that.

“Vietnam IoT Day” also mentioned one of the most potential applications in Vietnam for optimizing the IoT platform, which is smart cities with high connectivity and consistency with the growth of the Internet and the connection of people.

Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Le Nhan Tam, Director of Cities Lab at VNPT Group, affirmed that each person in the future will be “a social sensor of the city” in the orientation of smart urban development based on IoT. Each individual can contribute to the process of building and developing a smart city to make their life more modern, safer, healthier, and more active in an open ecosystem.

The workshop featured a number of questions and comments from business representatives and startup community before the process of shaping and developing IoT technology in Vietnam, thus showing special interest, as well as youthful enthusiasm for digital revolution. However, the majority of speakers commented that the development of IoT in Vietnam is still in a potential stage and there is still a need for more capital investment, ideas, and solutions to prompt the model into real life.

Vietnam IoT Day is an annual event, aiming to connect and develop Vietnam’s IoT community with the participation of more than 200 experts and organizations. Attendees will have a chance to update information about the global as well as Vietnam’s IoT ecosystem from the key players such as Microsoft, FPT, VNPT, AVNet, VIoTA and so on.

By organizing and co-hosting many large technology events throughout a year, FPT has reaffirmed the leading position in researching, developing and applying the most advanced technologies as well as introducing these achievements to Vietnam’s technology community. Specifically, with regard to IoT technology, FPT is currently a partner of Siemens in utilizing and implementing MindsPhere IoT operating system.