Vietnam – A New Emerging Destination for Education

Vietnam, one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, is well-known for its ancient, friendliness and diversified food. Besides Vietnamese, English is the most common language. Thus, international students will not meet a language barrier in their study. Vietnam has become a new destination for international students in terms of dynamic, industry-oriented curriculum and affordability. (Vietnam in the eyes of Burmese student doing his internship at FPTU Global). 

Source: (Fernandez, 2019)

A Dynamic Country

             Vietnam is developing a lot in different perspectives such as politic, economy, society, technology and legal. Looking at these factors which are affecting the external environment of the country. The economy is growing rapidly meanwhile education systems are also accredited globally (World Bank, 2020). The Country concentrates on the latest technology and becomes the top destination for ICT development. In addition, other sectors are also growing such as economy, technology, and education. As you can see that Vietnam is becoming a new emerging destination for education.

            The following graph reveals about the GDP growth rate of countries in Southeast Asia (2020). Specifically, Vietnam has the largest growth rate with 4.8% compared to other ASEAN countries. Economic development essentially leads to better living standards – higher average wages and the investment in fields such as education, health care and technology.

Source: (Asia Development Bank)

Vietnam is one of the best places in Asia for expats and international students to live abroad. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and also is the second-largest city which is the center of culture and education. Being recognized as the city of peace by UNESCO, it can give the security and safety for students. Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam’s commercial hub, is the largest city with a vibrant mix of modern office skyscrapers, colorful night-life and youthful energy. Da Nang, the center of international tourism with many tourist attractions, is known as the most livable city in Vietnam. Can Tho is famous for its canal networks and floating market. Because of these factors that international students can travel at an affordable price while studying in Vietnam. Most famous universities are located in those cities. Especially, FPT University is a particular example of having 4 campuses in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and Can Tho.

Source: (Curphey, 2020)

Industry-Oriented Curriculum

            The Vietnamese education system is mainly focused on an industry-oriented curriculum. Not only academic knowledge but also they develop their curriculum with the least gap between universities and working place by offering counseling career pathways and  internship program with professional mentors.

The country’s education focuses on training programs and creating job opportunities for students in their higher education. Furthermore, they are also set up skill development systems in their study such as teamwork, individual skill to work, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and so on.

In addition, there are top universities from the UK and Australia established their campuses in Vietnam such as RMIT University, University of Greenwich, Swinburne University of Technology, and so forth. Vietnamese universities are accredited globally with international education standards. They are ranked as a world ranking system. Of which, FPT University is ranked in the QS World Ranking System as a 3-star university and offers international degrees, in alliance with the University of Greenwich (UK) and Swinburne University of Technology (Australia). As a result, the university partners with many organizations and universities around the world so that students can get multicultural experiences and explore the new environment while studying in Vietnam.


Affordable Prices

Vietnam has become to be a new emerging destination for education at affordable price. Ordinary and necessary living expenses of an individual include food, clothing, transportation, rent, utilities, maintenance, medical expenses, health insurance, life insurance and tax. The country is providing quality education at affordable prices. For instance, Swinburne University of Technology (Vietnam) offers undergraduate programs (business and IT) with USD 20,287 for 3 years full time program meanwhile cost of studying in Australia is 1/3 greater than studying in Vietnam. Besides that living expenses are much reasonable between $200and $300 in Vietnam per month while Australia is very expensive. So that, why don’t we choose studying in Vietnam with same quality, same degree at sweet price.

At FPT Education, international students can study business program and IT program from FPT University, University of Greenwich (Vietnam), and Swinburne University of Technology (Vietnam).           

To make your dream come true, let’s study in Vietnam and start a new journey with FPT education by applying here.

_Written by Min Khant.