University pathways program- an intelligent learning model on a budget

University pathways program is a kind of study abroad program that students can study in two different universities in countries that have an agreement. The pathways program gives a great opportunity for students to transfer credits to other countries after finishing the first years in their home country.

The university pathways program creates many benefits for students. The article written by Ms. Kana Ezaki – an internship student of FPT Education will demonstrate some highlighted advantages of this program.

The Global Pathways Program 2020 provides an international environment for students.

Gaining different knowledge and cross-cultural experiences

By the pathways program, students can get a plenty of knowledge from different universities in two countries. Even if students learn the same things, they will approach the different methods of teaching and attain a broad academic knowledge. In addition, they can get cross-cultural experiences in a foreign university. While living in a foreign country, they may see differences of customs, manner, and so forth. Studying abroad will help students get new knowledge and ideas from foreign students through discussions or meetings.

Cost reduction

Taking the university pathways program is effective for cost reduction. Specifically, student gets bachelor degree at a foreign university will require higher tuition fees and higher living costs. It is more reasonable to go to the home university for the first few years and the foreign university for the last few years than to go to the foreign university for all four years. If the students’ purpose is to get a bachelor degree in a foreign country, the pathways program is the best option to consider.

Transferring credits and earning a bachelor’s degree abroad

Regarding the university pathways program, students are able to transfer credits from a home university to a foreign university. Students may have difficulties in meeting higher entry requirements from foreign universities at the beginning. By making use of transferring credits, they don’t have to take an entrance exam in foreign language. Hence, it is easier to enter foreign universities. In different ways, students can earn a bachelor’s degree abroad through the program though they do not study all four years at a foreign university. Foreign university graduation certification will be a great attraction for their better career pathways.

Better career opportunities after graduation

Graduates from the university pathways program have a better opportunity to get a job overseas. In particular, they have an international experience and education that helps them gain a greater understanding of the country and find a job easily after graduation. Fluency in the country’s language will also be a strength for students of this program to get a better job. If students want to work in a foreign country in the future, the university pathways program will be a big appeal point that they should concern about.

In terms of the university pathways program’s advantages, FPT Education is pleased to announce the “Global Pathways Program” to help students pursue their dream of studying abroad on a budget. 

Participating in the Global Pathways Program, students have a chance to transfer their credits to FPT Education’s academic partners in the U.S., the UK, Australia and Canada after finishing the first two years of FPT University. With FPT University’s affordable tuition fees and reasonable living costs in Vietnam, both local and international students are able to save more money through joining this pathways program.  

Currently, FPT University is partnering with Queensland University of Technology (Australia), DEAKIN University (Australia), Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), Arizona State University (USA), George Mason University (USA), Aston University (UK), Brock University (Canada), and other universities over the world. 

Interested students please send inquiries to or contact our admission team via Zalo/WhatsApp number: +84 354 235 298.

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