Two FPT University ladies won the champion at Research Conference

With the idea of building “Electricity Invoice System”, Duong Trieu Anh and Hoang Nguyen Minh Giang (K10 student majoring in Software Engineering at FPT University) with high applicability has won the champion at the fifth Research Conference held at FPT University.

Duong Trieu Anh and Hoang Minh Nguyen presented at the workshop.

Electricity Invoice System is the interaction basis between business and their customers. Through the system, enterprises can manage the payment bill, invoices and debts of customers. The invoice will be authenticated by a digital signature. Customers can manage their payment notification, invoices and debt with the business. Upon receiving the invoice, the system will send the search code to the customer via email, so that the customer can follow up.

In fact, the current system only issues the invoice, sends the reference code to the customer and only supports the enterprise’s management (the invoice creator), the customer can only look up, or receive mail about the invoice. Meanwhile, the system of Duong Trieu Anh and Hoang Nguyen Minh Giang manages both payment and debt notification. In addition, customers can also create accounts on the system, manage their invoices, report charges and liabilities through the system. In the future, the team will co-develop with HiSoft- the company of lecturer Ngo Dang Ha An .

“Our idea is suggested by Mr. Ngo Dang Ha An and the group has developed it within 4 months. This is also our graduation project,” said Trieu Anh. “As students majoring in Software Engineering, we do not have much knowledge about accounting, invoicing and debt process. In addition, we both focuses on front-end users so it was very hard for us to develop a whole system. There are days when we have to work almost 15 hours”. She also shared her happiness when she can do something that was previously thought impossible.

The protection council also highly accessed their project in the user- friendliness and high high applicability. “Find a suitable learning method with yourself! In addition, you must be active with social and the university’s activities to gain experience, communication network and soft- skills,” Trieu Anh highlighted.

Source: FPT University