Training students to meet the new business context

The share on e-commerce and payment gateway of Mr. Nguyen Truong An from the Saigon Bank for Industry and Trade has been attracted many students.

E-commerce potential is huge

With the experience of 12- year working at Saigon Bank, Mr. Nguyen Truong An shared that “the development of technology such as FinTech, Big Tech, etc. has impacted on consumer behaviour. With only an electronic account, users can make electricity, phone and other bills quickly and easily”. Assessing the potential of e-commerce, Mr. An affirmed that it is an indispensable development, especially in the context that the Internet is “dominating” and e- Commerce has become a trendsetter.

Mr. Nguyen Truong An - Deputy Director of Information Technology Department at Saigon Bank for Industry and Trade.
Mr. Nguyen Truong An – Deputy Director of Information Technology Department at Saigon Bank for Industry and Trade.

According to a report by Nielsen in early 2017, 91% of consumers in Vietnam own smartphones. The fast thrust of connected devices (especially smartphones and tablets) is an important factor contributing to the shift in demand for consumption across the Internet. E-commerce is considered as bridge between buyers and sellers to ensure mutual benefits.

Mr. An also gave example about different forms of e- commerce such as Telco, intermediary payment gateway, bank account, electronic wallet, cash. Of which, electronic wallets such as MoMo, Payoo, iPay, Vimo, VnMart, etc. also developes beside the transactions across bank accounts. E-Commerce helps transactions more convenient and faster.

Creating an environment that helps students keep up with trends

E- Commerce has developed significantly at the moment and the revenue from e-commerce is very huge. “Implementing e-Commerce should focus on 7C model (context, content, connecting, customer, communication, connection, commerce), customer segmentation, geographic location and resources,” Mr. Nguyen Truong An spoke at the meeting with students of FPT University.

With the desire to build up an up an e- Commerce website, Gia Hien – a Software Engineering student shared that this workshop help students learn more about new business models. “This is not only knowledge for the economics but also opportunities for engineering students,” Hien said. “Building an e-commerce system needs to identify the customer and the size of the business to set up the software”.

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With solid information technology background, FPT University always pioneers new trends in teaching and training method. The programs on Economy and Engineering are the preferable choice of many candidates.

FPT University students are equipped with a variety of knowledge and skills to gain insights and catch up the trend. Accordingly, students study in English, increasing the competitiveness of the globalization. Besides, students specializing in economy study Chinese while engineering students learn Japanese.

In addition, the internship program- On the Job Training in the third year at members and partners of FPT University also brings a lot of experience for students to be more mature. Many graduates have succeeded in starting a business. Some of the other students became leaders of many businesses at a young age.