Tips to pass an IQ Test to get the scholarship at FPT University

On May 30, FPT University Global recently held an IQ test for international students who applied for the scholarship program in the academic year 2018-2019. FPT University would like to send a congratulation to students who have passed the test on May 30. The test closed and received many good feedbacks from students.

Intelligence tests are widely assumed to measure maximal intellectual performance, and predictive associations between intelligence quotient (IQ) scores and later-life outcomes are typically interpreted as unbiased estimates of the effect of intellectual ability on academic, professional, and social life outcomes. Therefore, FPT University Global set up an IQ Test as the first round to select the outstanding candidates for the scholarship.

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The IQ test will contain 30 multiple-choice questions and require to complete in 30 minutes. Most people dwell under the illusion that multiple choice tests (MCT) are very easy and requires only good recognition skills. However, in fact, a well designed MCT can be extremely difficult, containing motley of questions ranging from easy to tough ones, measuring higher order thinking skills, involving different levels of intelligence, such as application, comprehension, analysis or synthesis, apart from recognition skills.

Here are some tips that might helps you to pass or improve your performance in IQ Test!

Read the question carefully

Although this strategy might seem very obvious, it is one of the most important and most neglected strategies. Make sure you know exactly what the question is asking. Look out for keywords in the questions and highlight them (by underlining, encircling or putting an asterisk against them.) This will reinforce them in your mind.

Review all the options before you make the final plunge

Even if you think you have found your answer, do take a look at the remaining choices, in case there is a better fit. Your answer should always be the best fit.

Use the process of elimination

Use this to narrow down your choices, so as to strike out options which offer unlikely, irrelevant or poor answers. In this way you improve your odds at boiling down to the right answer in case you don’t know the correct one and are forced to make a guess.

Take the question at face value

Don’t try to read between the lines or over analyze the question that is being asked. This way you run the risk of misinterpreting the question and reduce your chances of hitting the right choice. It’s true you have to watch out for tricky ones, but don’t complicate the simple ones!

Strike off the absolutes in the options

As you skim through the answer choices you might come across ones which are absolutes “all, never, none and always”. These make no accommodations for exceptions. Excluding some very specific questions, the answer choices containing an absolute, are most likely to be incorrect.

Don’t spend too much time for any one question

As most IQ tests have to be completed within a stipulated time limit, you must use your time wisely. Hence when faced with a hard-to-crack question, place an asterisk against it and move on. Don’t rattle your brain over it and drain away your time. Later if you have time, you can always revert back.

Watch out for eye-catchers

Some options look very obvious to the eye. These are the places where examiners try to trap the Joe-Bloggs. At times there are hidden links and fine-prints which we most often tend to overlook.

The first session of the IQ test was recently held on May 30. FPT University would like to send a congratulation to students who have passed the test on May 30. They are required to write an essay to be eligible for the interview round. Those who did not pass the test, there is still one more and last chance for you to join in the second session.

The essay’s topic is “How does family income affects education?”.  

The second and third session will soon take place on June 15 and June 30, respectively. FPT University hopes that this article will be helpful for your test!

FPT University is awarding 50 scholarships for students applying in September Intake 2019. The scholarship program aims to offer outstanding international students access to scholarship funds, attracting the brightest minds from across the globe. Learn more about the scholarship here.

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