Tips to make the most of your study abroad trips

Studying abroad is one of the important events during one’s school life. The memory will last forever and might become a life changing opportunity for some of you. This article written by Ms. Manae Kikuchi – an internship student of FPT Education will help to make your trip successful by introducing several key points.  

Today, the situation of studying abroad has changed dramatically under the influence of coronavirus. Instead of going abroad, studying online has become the best choice. Even though online learning becomes common, the purpose is the same as the usual study abroad program. As it is becoming a digital society, studying abroad online will not be a surprising thing from now on. Since both traditional study abroad and online study abroad will be unfamiliar events, there might be some worries coming up. Here are some tips to make it successful.

 Take your time to do some research

It is no exaggeration to say that the most important thing before studying abroad is to do plenty of research. There are a number of studying abroad programs so it is very important to look through the programs that each school offers and choose the place where best fits. For a long term program, make sure that you are able to take back some credits. To collect some reliable information, it might be great to contact your university’s international office or attend some guidance related to studying abroad.

In addition, after deciding where to go, try to do research on the country to understand the culture and things to watch out to make the trip safe and satisfied.

How to control the budget while studying abroad?

It will take more costs to study abroad because of its higher tuition fees and living costs in a foreign country. Therefore, it is integral to search whether there are scholarships or aids that are available. Furthermore, you can support your living cost by doing a part time job if your student visa allows you to do so.

Set up an international phone plan

Smartphones will be very essential and helpful more than you think. Sometimes, it will be a lifesaver. While studying abroad, there might be a time when you face language problems so downloading apps such as language translation apps might be useful. As Houston (2017) states, moreover, homesickness or loneliness are problems that come up while studying abroad so having a smartphone with an international connection will be supportive to contact with family or friends.

Write a diary

Writing a diary will be a great opportunity to keep the memories in mind. There will surely be a time that you want to look back on experience of studying abroad and the diary will bring you back the memories. In addition, the things that have been done in the day will be clear by writing a diary so it also has a role to keep the progress of work and keep your motivation.

Step out your comfortable zone

Staying at the place where you feel comfortable might be nice since you can live without feeling any stress. However, college is a place where provides chances for students to explore and try new things. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to interact with people that have different backgrounds and experience new cultures. Studying abroad offers chances to challenge new things, so as much as you step out from the comfortable zone, you can grow as an adult too.

Where is one of the good places to consider for studying abroad?

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