The Importance of IT in Digital Transformation

Nowadays, the world is changing significantly in the digital era. Truly enterprises evolve day by day through digital transformation. Businesses are seeking to launch their direction to make a strong grasp of involved solutions.

Source: Cybertalk, 2020

In particular, the process of digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to create new ones or modifying current company procedures, values, and consumer service to engage rising demand and client needs (Salesforce, 2020).

Digital transformation has a strong impact on every business and industry such as ICT industries, marketing, education, manufacturing, transportation, and so on. Most of the businesses are changing from the manual system into a digitalized system to be competitive in the market through using advanced technologies such as e-commerce, machine learning, big data, the Internet of Things ( IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These advanced technologies have improved business productivity and efficiency remarkably.

Digital Transformation and Advanced Technologies

1. Office Automation

The value of digital technologies allows companies to automate in the workplace. A number of tasks such as data entry, data storage and information processing can be partly or completely automated, enabling companies to function more effectively to minimize the possibility of human errors.

Before developing IT systems, many organizations in every sector used hard copies and documents to collect and store information and data. Nowadays, they are using a computerized system as a more effective tool. 

2. Industrial Automation

The aim of using technologies is to speed up the operational processes as well as employees can work efficiently and effectively. For instance, instead of operating manually in the past, the car manufacturing industry is running automatized production by using modern technologies at present. Therefore, they can save time and reduce costs of operating expenses effectively.

3. Remote Linkage and Mobility

Especially, one crystal fact is that we can work and study at home by using technologies during the COVID-19 period. Most companies implement flexible work-from-anywhere practices so that staffs are able to navigate information remotely. New technologies help companies to quickly interact with the best applicants.

Source: ACG Holland, 2020

4. Communication

These days, we can easily communicate with each other by using applications and software as a consequences of developing technologies. At the moment, social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) and email are widely used instead of communicating with the postal system. Furthermore, we can make video conferencing apps as using google meetings, zoom app, etc. for meeting and studying.

5. Customer Engagement

Customer interaction is at the center of the internet. Several companies are deeply mindful and are designing innovative approaches for digital innovation to improve customer engagement. At the point when you go digitalized, you can trace the data of customer behaviors and easily analyze them that you collected during your digital marketing process. In this way, you can easily meet customers’ need and want by enhancing customer engagement.

Source: Ismail, 2020

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_Written by Min Khant (The student from Myanmar is doing his internship at FPTU Global).