The collaboration with FPT University is a steppingstone for Covenant Polytechnic Aba toward future growth

FPT University has been making a big step toward globalization strategy development by establishment of an oversea education center called “FPT Pathway Covenant Centre” in Nigeria. In order to get the project off the ground, FPT University and its business partner, Covenant Polytechnic Aba had a Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony on October 26th 2015.


In this event, representative of Covenant Polytechnic Aba, Mr. Iyke Nwoke – The chairman of the Umuahia North Local Government Area, Abia State in Nigeria has expressed his tremendous enthusiasm for the collaboration of the two academic institutions.

InterviewMr. Phan Phuong Dat – Vice rector of FPT University (left) and Mr. Iyke Nwoke in the trip to FPT University

Reporter: How do you think about the project of establishing “FPT Pathway Covenant Centre” to deliver training programs in Covenant Polytechnic Aba?

Mr. Iyke Nwoke: It is the first time in Nigeria we has this kind of collaborative degree program. We train the students in Nigeria and then send them to Vietnam for continuance of their studies. It will be the chance for student not only gaining the knowledge but also experience a new environment.


Reporter: Among a lot of academic institutions in the world, why do you choose FPT University – A Vietnamese institution as a partner in developing your master degree program?

Mr. Iyke Nwoke: We develop the master program because it is our demand. In Nigerian, Master degree is a minimum level that a lecturer has to acquire for their teaching career. Lecturer must have master degree in software engineering for teaching this kind of specialization in university or polytechnic. The collaboration with FPT University in Software Engineering master program is a steppingstone for Covenant Polytechnic for future growth.


Reporter: It can be seen that Covenant Polytechnic Aba is an institution that provides the higher technical educational programs. Have any master degree program been provided by Covenant Polytechnic Aba before?

Mr. Iyke Nwoke: Not yet. Until now we has not provided any master degree program in Covenant Polytechnic. We provide program of National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in many majors like business administration, computer science, and science laboratory technology, mass communication, etc. We do those programs very very well. But with Master degree program, the collaboration with FPT University is the first time.


Reporter: In scope of the collaboration between FPT University and Covenant Polytechnic, there are 3 programs including International Software Engineers; Top-up to MSE (Master of Software Engineering); and Foundation for MSE. What is the reason for choosing this major as the subject of the project?

Mr. Iyke Nwoke: Nigeria has a shortage of software developer. Developing the human resources of software engineering opens a new technological era in my country. The development of IT and computing is important for Nigeria’s economy. For this reason, we have to train my student on how to develop in this field.


Reporter: What is your expectation for the first batch of student enrolling to this program?

Mr. Iyke Nwoke: Before the end of this year,we  have a plan to attract the enrollment of minimum 40 students, 20 for undergraduate and 20 for postgraduate program.


Reporter: What will be the further cooperation between FPT University and Covenant Polytechnic Aba?

Mr. Iyke Nwoke: We should do specialized programs in future. Because we want to provide more technology related program for my student, and it is the forte of FPT University.


Thank you sir for spending your time with us. Hope that we will have a successful collaboration in the future.  


National Diploma & Higher National Diploma in Nigeria

Higher technical education is provided at technical colleges, polytechnics and colleges of education. Entry to colleges and polytechnics is based on JAMB-administered entrance examinations combined with results from secondary and vocational schools.

The National Diploma (ND) is a two-year program and grants access to Higher National Diploma programs.

The Higher National Diploma (HND) is a two-year program that typically requires one year of work experience after the National Diploma, which is required for admission. The HND is the equivalent to a university degree and offers access to university graduate studies. HND graduates may also decide to take a one-year postgraduate diploma certificate before applying for a master’s degree.