Tet Market brings spring to Hola

On February 1, the annual Tet Festival at FPT University was held at Hoa Lac campus. With the investment in scale and quality, Lunar New Year 2018 with the theme “Old days” brought an atmosphere of old Tet and attracted a lot of visitors and FPT Education’s students.

The performance of teachers and lecturers of traditional instruments and members of the FPT University Traditional Instruments Club left a strong impression.
Flowers booth has not only contributed the atmosphere of Tet but also brought spring fragrance to Hoa Lac. This is also a place where many students check in.
A student in traditional custom.
Sweet performance from FU Guitar has attracted a lot of attention.
Flashmob dance performed by IGo and No Shy Club received a lot of praise from the audience.
An important part in the Tet Festival is the food court.
The festival is attractive with not only students but also teachers and lecturers.
As a cultural feature of the Vietnamese people during Tet, “Ong Do”- the old scholar wrote calligraphic scripts.
With meaningful calligraphic scripts, it is hoped that students will have a lucky year.
The Chung cake- making corner, where visitors could learn and make their own cake, is always the most attractive booth.
A performance of FPTU lecturer.

Source: FPT Education