What it takes to turn your passion into a business

FPT University alumni Hoang Phuong Nga graduated from FPT University’s Bachelor of Software Engineering program in 2016 and, in just two years, has already made such a big impact in Hanoi. Starting her career in Japan as a developer at FPT, she chose to sacrifice that life to return to Vietnam and start a business that incorporated her true passion: teaching.

Nga co-founded her own start-up, KiddiCode: a technology academy for children 6-10. By learning about technology in school and in the industry, she realized just how important it was for children to be exposed to the language of programming at a young age.

Technology has become such a huge part of their lives with games and videos, but it’s up to parents and teachers to ensure that they use technology in a way that benefits their young minds. This is why she created KiddiCode and why she continually works hard to develop programs aimed at nurturing their creativity and love of technology in healthy ways.

Nga shows us what you can do when you combine two passions into a business. It’s challenging but it’s something that she truly believes in and works hard at every day to make a success. She currently has 10 campuses around Hanoi and KiddiCode is currently teaching 200+ students. She has aspirations to grow her business all over Vietnam to reach more children.

Watch her story here that was developed in partnership with World University Services of Canada (WUSC):