Such an Amazing Experience of FPT University on AFRICA DAY CELEBRATION 2017!

On May 25th 2017, FPT University Vietnam’s representatives had an opportunity to participate in such a memorably wonderful event aimed at congratulating on African people in general and African students of FPT University in particular on the occasion of Africa Day 2017.

Africa Day is known as a day marking the foundation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) which started on May 25th 1963 with the purpose of bringing freedom to African countries. 


Important Delegates of Embassies in Hanoi, Vietnam

Important Delegates of Embassies in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The special event attracted many participants not only African people but also Vietnamese people. Especially, the celebration gathered all African Embassies in Hanoi with their families for cheering together. 




Of course, we would see traditional costumes of Africa with its uniqueness and various colors. Impressive dance performances by the youth made all people connect with each other without any hesitation. 





At the same time, African students who were students of FPT University made the university feel so proud because of their excellent performances yesterday. They partially contributed to the success of the ceremony when rousing the stage and encouraging all participants to dance together on the traditional background music of Africa.




As a closing of the event, FPT University Vietnam would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all African people on Africa Day Ceremony 2017. It was such a big successful that took everyone’s attention in a blow and linked people together as a big family. In particular, wishing African students of FPT University will have a meaningful experience of studying in Vietnam.