FPT University Information and Library Center (FILC) is committed to delivering excellent user experience which supports and enhances academic performance of FPTU staff and students.


FILC offers a range of services that support FPTU faculty, staff and students in their teaching, learning, research and other scholarly activities. Our services include:

  • Wireless internet access
  • Borrowing
  • Library Orientation program
  • Assistance with information seeking
  • Purchase Request Form
  • Study Room bookings


Apart from our impressive textbook collection 100% imported from prestigious publishers such as McGraw Hill, Pearson, etc., FILC provides access to extensive collections of electronic databases, references as well as DVDs and CDs for academic purposes. You will have access to:

  • Over 80,000 textbooks and references
  • 4 databases with more than 35,000 e-books
  • Reference collection including encyclopaedias and dictionaries as well as specialised books in multiple disciplines such as Information and Technology, Finance, Economics, Graphic Design, etc.
  • DVDs and CDs relevant to your specialisations.

For more detail on library resources, go to

Opening hours

Monday to Friday:

Saturday and Sunday:

8.30 a.m – 9.30 pm

1.30 pm – 5.30 pm

Contact us

Address: Room 405R, 4th floor, Alpha Building – Hoa Lac Campus, FPT University

Telephone: +844.6680.5912





Experience FPT University to the fullest by staying in our fantastic residence halls at the Hoa Lac campus, which can provide full services for about 25,000 students. Located in the center of the campus, the newly built dormitories are close to lecture halls, library, canteen, and sports area. The campus centre is within walking distance for students staying in dorms.

Fees: $100-150 (varied depends on room size & no. of shared occupants)

What do you get?

Fully furnished bed, study desk, bookshelf, closet, air conditioning, free Wi-fi access and a shared restroom.


24/7 security is provided to ensure our students can enjoy a safe and secure environment while living on campus.


Students have the options of purchasing food from our canteen or from other restaurants and cafés on campus. Sample the range of hot noodle soups, kebabs, sandwiches, rice combos as well as Western cuisine.


The main canteen, which is open during lunch time and dinner time, provides healthy and nutritious options for all of our students. The canteen plays a special role in maintaining good health and the well-being of our students and the university community. Care is always taken to ensure guidelines are followed for the safe handling of food and to avoid cross-contamination of food, especially for students with special dietary requirements.


The additional restaurants are available at any given times, giving students wider dining options during the day. You can choose from “pho”, our traditional noodle soup, to Turkish kebabs, Italian spaghetties, or American burgers, all at affordable prices for students.


Public Transport

Students are encouraged to take public transport from the Hoa Lac Campus to the city center and vice versa. Contact our FGO team and we will help you purchase monthly or annual bus ticket.

For inter-city travel, you can book a coach or flight in advance.

Personal vehicles

Bikes are available to rent/purchase at a discounted price for students. To use motorbikes, international students need to obtain a legitimate driver’s license. The FGO staff will help you apply for the driving test and ensure that you got an authentic license certified by the local authority.


Sports and Fitness at FPTU is about allowing the diverse members of the FPTU community to thrive in a charged atmosphere, where you can find activities, sports and movements of all kinds. FPTU offers programs, facilities and services for students, faculty and staff to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Gym, playgrounds and aquatics

Playgrounds and courts for various types of sports (football, field hockey, table-tennis, etc.) and a well-built gymnasium are available to students in their free time and during sporting events. In addition, a state-of-the-art swimming pool offers students a chance to practice underwater sports and exercises. Either to keep fit or simply to have fun after class, we believe that playing sports helps you stay physically and mentally healthy, which will surely boost your academic performance.

VOVINAM - Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts

The opportunity to practice martial arts is a unique extracurricular activities available to international students. The training of Vietnamese traditional martial art - VOVINAM - provides students with not only the ability to protect themselves but also a chance to participate in a local cultural-pride activity.


A range of services are available at a small charge, including laundry, beauty services, etc. The convenient store provides all necessary items for students living on the main campus. Various products from prestige providers are available at a reasonable price.

Founded in 2010, FPT University Technology Research Institute (FTRI) is dedicated to the research and development of science and technology applications. FTRI focuses on four main research directions: IT applications, clean energy and energy conservation, biotechnology, and aerospace technology.

Mission: Become the first technology institute in Vietnam that incorporates science and technology applications with high practicality into graduate education. With internationally competitive capabilities, we set to be the cradle of the best graduate IT students at the regional and international levels.

Vision: The academic staff at FTRI is committed to fostering the development of generations of highest­quality software engineers and project managers who will be the future of significant breakthroughs in science and technology.

Collaborations: FTRI has signed agreements to collaborate with 5 local and international institutions, including IT Research Institute (Vietnam National University Hanoi), The Vietnam Foundation, FPT Software, Asia Petro, and Mitsubishi Research Institute (Japan).

Publications and Patents: Find the publications and patent (granted and pending) list here

Located in the heart of Hoa Lac High­Tech Park, F­Ville as the first software village in Vietnam provides an ideal working environment for the staff of FPT Software Joint Stock Company. This is also a desirable environment for promising students undertaking internships to gain first­hand experience in a professional workplace.

Covering an area of 6.4 hectares, F­Ville provides a creative and friendly working space for nearly 2000 staff. The office is filled with green trees and bathed in sunlight thanks to an open and environment­friendly architectural style. F­Ville was constructed in line with development trends of world’s leading software enterprises, such as Infosys (India), Neusoft (China), TCS (India), Wipro (India), etc.

F­Ville also incorporates a sports complex (including gym, swimming pool, playgrounds and courts), a childcare center, a cinema and guest rooms for specialists.

According to FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh, F­Ville, with approximately 1700­1900 programmers, is expected to help raise the status and confidence of FPT Group in Vietnam as well as in the eyes of international IT professionals.

Hotline: +84 354 235 298 (Whatsapp, Viber)