Start-up: Success is only for persistent person

About 5% of FPT University graduates choose to start their career. Despite a lot of challenges and difficulties, they still desire to go on their own feet and apply their knowledge in reality.

Experience to learn

In the final year at FPT University, Truong Long- a former student majoring in Software Engineer made his dream come true by establishing LILO Technology Solution Company (Lilotech). Before becoming a company with 15 employees and stable revenue as well as a familiar partner of companies from Japan, Switzerland or big brands such as Intel, etc., Lilotech was shut down for 6 months because of non- revenue issue.

Mr. Long on his dissertation defence with the communication gloves for disabled people.

Understanding clearly that “success is dependent on effort”, when studying at FPT University, Long had to spend a lot of effort to open his own business. “Lilotech was born when I completed my graduation project,” he said. “At that time, I was doing 6 projects outside as the leader of Intel Product Vietnam with 19 hours working per day”.

“The curriculum is designed to adapt quickly to the technology, each subject requires major practical exercises,” he noted. This has helped Long overcome the pressure of  projects. Hard working and learning has contributed a lot to his knowledge and skills upon graduation.

However, as many other start-ups, Long has faced many problems such as lack of management and business strategy planning experience. He accepted the failure, closed the company and restructured it based on what has been learned and its strengths in order to have a strategy that can sustain a stable company.

“Money can borrow and staff can be hired but the key issue is lack of experience,” Long expressed clearly about the failure from the early days of the company. “Try to experience to learn as failure is also a precious experience”. He also highly assessed the curriculum of FPT University as it provides knowledge not only in IT industry but also in business management. “Students are sometimes not interested in these subjects but they are the prerequisite for me to have a successful start up,” he highlighted.

The way to UniPhone

Nguyen Quoc Huy is a FPTU student majoring IT but in love with business operation. Along with studying at FPT University, Huy has operated an online store selling and fixing mobile phones and tablets called UniPhone.

Uniphone has brought Nguyen Quoc Huy stable income.

In love with technology product, but until the trouble of buying the phone that he likes, Huy cherished the dream of having his own mobile device shop. “In the 12th grade, I came to the phone shop to buy iPhone 6 worth nearly 10 million by installment but it was only available for those who are over 18 years old,” he shared. When finding suitable phones, Huy also collected some knowledge about phone market. After entering in the university, he started to sell mobile phone onlines then expand the scale into UniPhone.

Despite many obstacles, with hard effort, strong determination and knowledge earning from university and contests, UniPhone has brought him stable income of VND 15-25 million (USD 665- 1,108) per month. In addition, Huy also aims to focus on developing other areas. At present, he is planning to implement a tool called UniFind to do the personality test to select the right jobs as well as help enterprises to find a suitable candidates.

“We always face failure in our life but it is important to know how to stand up and turn it into an advantage. Experience will not be taught, only the reality and failure could teach us,” Huy recommended with those who want to start a business.  

Source: FPT Education