Special student clubs at FPT University- Hoa Lac Campus

FPT University- Hoa Lac Campus is known as a dynamic and creative place for students to learn and participate in student’s activities with more than 40 clubs. Among them, there are some special clubs.

FPTU Debate Club

Established in 2012 from the idea of Vu Thi My Hanh – Manager of the Vietnam Youth to Debate program, FPTU Debate Club (FDC) has raised the passion of debate for students of FPT University in Hoa Lac Campus. FDC is considered as the “cradle” of college debate when in this recent times, “Debate of the universities in the North” contest always put the focus on FDC.

FPTU Debate
At club meetings, Debate members comfortably argue and give their personal opinions.


FDC is always a good place for those who want to express their views, want to explore, understand more about a problem and especially to win themselves.

Over 5- year development with many managers, FDC has kept itself a “very special” substance. Unlike other clubs, FDC requires club members to be highly focused on their activities to be able to debate. Therefore, it is very rare to have conversations and fun exchanges but instead, they are actual “practice” sessions.

FPTU Vovinam Club

Vovinam is a compulsory physical education for all students at FPT University. When completing all levels of martial arts, students who love this sport can register for Vovinam Club to improve their skills and physical training. Therefore, FPTU Vovinam Club (FVC) is one of the most active clubs due to the number of students who love martial arts at FPT.

FVC is the place to gather FPTU students who love Vovinam.
FVC is the place to gather FPTU students who love Vovinam.


In Summer Semester 2017, FVC successfully organized Vovinam Tournament 2017 in the North and also won eight gold medals, six silver medals and two bronze medals. This is a milestone marking the development of FVC.

Since its founding, FVC has always been a leading club with solidarity and strength because of the teambuilding trips and club days where it can be seen easily the image of Vovinam flag flying up and hand putting on the chest.

FPTU Street Workout Club

FPTU Street Workout (FSW) always bring unexpected surprises to FPT students as this club has helped more than 500 boys in Hoa Lac having good health and strong body. In addition, the exciting and spectacular performances of Street Workout gradually became indispensable food in the ceremonies of FPT University.

FSW - the club has many attractive boys at FPT University.
FSW – the club has many attractive boys at FPT University.

Especially, despite young age, FSW successfully organized the FUSW Basic Tournament 2017, which is one of the most famous street fights at FPT and influenced the Street Workout in Hanoi.

Unlike the few weekly meeting of other clubs in FPT University, FSW is always running from afternoon to night every day next to the football field. Here, you will have a happy time to enjoy spectacular performances!

JS Club

Another unofficial name of the JS Club- Japanese Software Engineers Club is the Gold Toad Club owns a large number of Golden Toads (award for FPT University students who have the excellent learning result and energetically join the university’s activities) and excellent students. It is not surprising as the JS Club is a gathering place for people who love programming and Japanese language. Here, students often exchange documents, knowledge and learn new technologies beyond class time, from which all members are nurtured passion and develop their knowledge and skills.

JS is known as the club of 'Golden Toad'.
JS is known as the club of ‘Golden Toad’.

Initially, JS was only a club for those who study the Japan bridge engineers but it has gradually expanded and developed into one of the major clubs at Hoa Lac Campus with a number of significant programs including Coding Inspiration, Hacking Tool,etc. These have brought a lot of programming playgrounds for students throughout the universities as well as the members of the club.

Source: FPT Education