Short Courses

Over 400 students from all around the world come to FPT University for Exchange, Study Abroad and Internship programs every year. In 2013, nearly 500 students from France, Denmark, Portugal, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Brunei and Taiwan chose us for their study abroad experience. Our short term programs highly focus on creating a globalized environment to nurture cross-culture exchange and knowledge share among mobile students. Accordingly, we always endeavor to get them involved in highly interactive classes and enrichment activities and to support them with modern facilities and necessary resources. The academic program, which holds a high reputation for its excellent quality, is neatly designed to match any interest of various disciplines. Through the Study Abroad Programs in Vietnam, we hope to make a contribution to the education of global citizens in a globalized world.


FISEC – working under globalization strategy of FPT University, is responsible for the coordination of inbound and outbound students. We manage the promotion of the international mobility programmes for students and maintain and developing and maintaining relationships with professors and universities abroad. Furthermore, we endeavor to support FPT Univerisity’s internationalisation with different culture exchange activities and programs.

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