A romantic Hoa Lac under the lens of FPT Education students

FPT University-Hoa Lac Campus is very famous with students because of its beautiful and modern campuses. In the eyes of FPT Education students, Hoa Lac is romantic, harmonious and colourful.

The signal building of Hoa Lac Campus- view from the dormitory. Sunrise in Hoa Lac is always peaceful and gentle. Picture: Truong Xuan Nguyen.
A stunning view from the top of Hoa Lac Campus signal building. Photo: Kim Chi.
A corner of the dormitory. Picture: Le Giang.
Hola (a nickname of Hoa Lac Campus called by FPT students) at night. Picture: Bui Viet Hoang
“This is my most favourite corner and I’ll never forget when I leave the school,” Tran Khanh Linh- a student of FPT University said.
FPT Edu students in Hoa Lac have a very strange hobby such as watching flying doves, watching ducks running around the lake, watching military airplanes, etc. With them, these memories will be a part of Hola and follow them for the rest of their life.
Hoa Lac on windy days. Author: Pham Thang
A peaceful view of the dormitory. Author: Thang Pham
Small corner of a psychology counseling center at FPT University where you are always welcome, be listened and share. Photo: Khuat Thi Hoa.
Hoa Lac in a rainy and peaceful day. Author: Onces.
Dining area and canteen in Hoa Lac. Author: Dang Nhat Minh.
An autumn afternoon after the class. Photo: Mai Anh Bao.
Sunset in Hoa Lac. Photo: Le Giang.

Image source: FPT University