The road to becoming a technology expert

FPT University alumni Nguyen Ngoc Tram graduated from the Bachelor of Software Engineering program in 2016 and has since been working as a developer at FPT Technology Institute (FTI) and getting her master’s degree at FPT University. She’s working towards her goal of becoming a technology expert.

With a love for music, drawing and dancing, Tram shows us that you can be artistic while being passionate about technology. She brings that creativity to FTI where one of her managers says that it’s helped her find solutions to programming in new ways.

Tram is still at the beginning of her career, but she has continually shown throughout her life that she can achieve anything she works hard at, proving to those around her that she could excel in an industry dominated by men.

Currently, fewer than 10% of women in Vietnam are programmers or software engineers. Even at FPT University, it’s not uncommon that there is only 1-2 girls in a software engineering class at the same time. Tram believes it’s up to women to have a passion for technology and to work at it because the door is already open for more women to work in this industry.

Watch her story here that was developed in partnership with World University Services of Canada (WUSC):