Return to homeland!

Born and grown in Buon Me Thuot Highland, Cao Thanh Tuan – a 27 year-old man becomes fond of coffee taste on harvest and has a strong passion to enrich in his homeland.

In addition, he has witnessed how local people in his homeland were strenuous against the harsh weather to grow coffee trees and wait for the harvest, but sometimes the results are not as expected.  As a result, he has raised a dream to help his homeland develop.

Cao Thanh Tuan
Born and grown in the highland, Cao Thanh Tuan determined to enrich with coffee in his hometown.

Cao Thanh Tuan shared that in 1996, his family established a company specializing in trading and buying  finished coffee. After a period of business, it was found that purchasing and supplying was not the way to develop sustainably. Therefore, the management board decided to produce directly, process and distribute.

Although the company is growing quickly but due to the difficulties during the business operation, Tuan’s parents would like him to choose another less stressful job. Therefore, he decided to go to Ho Chi Minh City to study in other field that is not related to economics and business.

However, after graduated, Thanh Tuan found out his passion on business. “Office work has become too boring for me. At that time I was planning to come back to Ho Chi Minh to study business, but the work is too busy so I can not get out,” Tuan told. 

Thanks to marketing knowledge and modern sales, Cao Thanh Tuan's business met many advantages.
Thanks to marketing knowledge and modern sales, Cao Thanh Tuan’s business met many advantages.

This young man decided to learn and work in their homeland in order to save time and money. He registered to study Business Management- Marketing & Sale at FPT Polytechnic. New knowledge on business strategy, sale, e- commerce, etc. made him extremely excited. By studying at the school and doing his own business, all the economic knowledge has been learnt and applied efficiently.

Graduated in 2016, Tuan worked as an assistant of general manager, head of import-export department and in charge of non-traditional marketing of Hanh Tuan Trade Company. Previously, the company mainly focused on direct selling and building agents in big cities and markets mainly in the provinces and cities. With new thinking and modern ways, Tuan has built up a model of online sales and finding new customers in foreign countries as well as remote provinces. He shared that e- Commerce has created a lot of advantages for his company.

Cao Thanh Tuan 2

“It will take from 6 months to one year for a newcomer to get acquainted with sale, transactions, and promotion on online channels. Luckily, with knowledge studying at FPT Polytechnic, it only takes a short time to deploy an online system for my family’s company,” said Cao Thanh Tuan. “In addition, a lot of knowledge learned at FPT Polytechnic is also very useful for business such as balancing between price and quality, suitable promotion method for different products, production management, HR management, etc”.

Thanks to the knowledge learned at school, Mr. Tuan helped the company’s revenue grow significantly. Currently, his company has 80 employees and the revenue reach nearly VND 10 billion (USD 440,000) per month. Of which, 70% comes from non-traditional sources made by Tuan. This figure has grown significantly compared to the past when the company only focus on business in the old way. “It will be very different between theory and reality to operate a business. Luckily, I still have contact with the teachers at the College so I can ask support and consultant from teachers,” he highlighted.

The journey of learning and working at his homeland has shown some positive signs. With the spirit of hard learning, this talented man is expected to make a difference and succeed in his path.

Source: FPT Education