Relentless boom in technology sector open opportunities for IT Staff in Vietnam

With the development and relentless boom of IT sector in recent times, the lack of human resources in the industry, especially the high-quality resources is a challenge for the managers and the business manager.


Statistics of human resources in ICT

November 2016, an online recruitment company – Vietnamworks has published the report on Vietnam IT industry. Accordingly, in the past three years, the number of jobs in ICT industry has increased on average 47% per year. However, the number of employees in this sector increased at an average rate of only 8%. The main cause is due to the rising in number of employers in ICT industry (69% from 2012). In particular, the number of software companies has risen to 124% in just 4 years.

According to Vietnamworks’s forecast, if human resources growth is still remained at the rate of 8%, Vietnam will be lack of 78,000 staff IT each year, and by 2020 the country will face the shortage of more than 500,000 staff IT, amounting to over 78% of the total number of workers IT needs for labour market. However, to achieve the ratio of job seekers than working IT at the rate of 17 candidates for each job (the ratio in 2013), Vietnam need about 1.2 million workers IT industry by 2020. “If maintain the current growth rate, Vietnam will be lack about 1 million workers IT in 2020”-Vietnamworks stressed in the report.


Resources development policies for enterprises

Relentless boom in technology sector open opportunities for IT Staff in Vietnam


Red alarm of human resources status has forced major technology corporation like Samsung in Vietnam to create an associated programs with universities to train human resources for the software centres in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Meanwhile, Intel Vietnam, a subsidiary of Intel Corporation in Vietnam, also actively participated in the training of manpower involvement and founded training programs for senior engineers in Vietnam, called HEEAP. So far, this program has also attracted the participation of multinational corporations such as Siemens or Danaher.

A leading ICT corporation – FPT Corporation found out new solutions for people to easily take IT online courses with an online university called FUNiX. In addition, the organization has also established three human resource supply centres outside Vietnam, including the centre in Myanmar, Philippines, and Slovakia. This solution is to take advantage of cheap labour force in Myanmar and Philippines, however, to develop  and keep up the digital revolution, the problem of manpower shortage in the country must be solved completely. 


Job opportunities in ICT field

Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh – Head of Market Analysis Forecast of Center No. 2, Vietnamwwork expressed his opinion on IT labour market: “Through surveys and updates from recruitment channels, enterprises, workers, the IT industry groups including: hardware engineer, software developer, programmer (C +, Java, PHP) mobile applications programmer are now in high demand. The proportion of people seeking work in this field obtaining university degree accounted for  over 93% of the total number of people looking for work “.

Not only there is a short-term labour need, employment opportunities in the IT industry, programmers are being opened for you in the long run by huge deficiencies in manpower. Meanwhile, each year universities only offers 32,000 students in IT and IT-related sectors.

Relentless boom in technology sector open opportunities for IT Staff in Vietnam 2


As reported by FPT Corporation, during the period 2016-2020, this corporation needs to recruit about 50,000 personnel in various locations and in different levels from apprentices to senior leaders. In particular, FPT Software, a members of FPT Corporation, is active in the field of export of the software have the largest recruitment needs. FPT Software currently has 9,000 employees working in Vietnam and overseas such as US, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Slovakia, France, the UK, South Korea, etc. As expected, in the next three years, there are 10,000 new vacancies in  FPT Software need to be filled.  50% of them are students studying in ICT and foreign language programs.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh, President of the National Association of Software and Information Technology services in Vietnam (VINASA) and President of FPT Corporation said that: “Recruitment needs are also very wide open for the young and more severe manpower shortage positions such as programmers, cloud computing, network administrators, security professionals, and network security engineers,” said the President.

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