Programming with robot- an exciting lesson for FPT Elementary School

“I wish I had a robot friend like this to do programming for him,” Nam Khanh excitedly shared after the lesson. “Hello, Albert” was an exciting hour to motivate the programming love for children at FPT Elementary School.

In the multi-function room, more than 20 pupils in Grade 2A of FPT school quickly divided into 6 groups. This is the first time when FPT pupils learnt “Hello, Albert” lesson to get familiar with programming through smart robot Albert.

The teacher in this special class is Mr. Giang (Master of Software Engineering, FPT University) who is currently working at an IT company and teaching programming for students. In addition, the class also have a special “mentor”- Dr. Phan Duy Hung (Head of ITS, FPT University). They will help pupils in Grade 2A to become familiar with Albert’s smart robot and begin programming with a card that will help the robot operate as intended.

Grade 2A pupils bravely shared their knowledge with teachers about "robot" and "programming".
Grade 2A pupils bravely shared their knowledge with teachers about “robot” and “programming”.

Grade 2A pupils were very excited to learn , ask questions and interact with mentors as it was the first time they was introduced the concept of robot and programming. The most anticipated and interesting part is the programmable cards that helps robots operate. Each group was given a Albert robot, a set of cards and a handheld device such as a smartphone or tablet. “Robot Albert can go forward, go back, wink, turn left and turn right. Each of these activities corresponds to one instruction. In addition, the children have command cards to start the program, end the program or delete the installed program , “explained Mr. Giang.

The robot is manipulated by command cards.
The robot is manipulated by command cards.

The children got familiar with robot and command cards very quickly. Most of them knew how to place a card and run the program for moving robots. Each of them must control the robot at least once. After getting familiar with the “command” for Albert, pupils controlled robot to reach the “destination” in accordance with the steps required in the fastest way.

This is an experimental lesson of the Code for kid program for FPT Elementary students from the second grade. In order to help children get familiar and inspired their passion with programming, FPT Elementary School introduced this subject into the curriculum for students from the second grade.

“Through this lesson, pupils will understand and begin to love programming. I noticed that the second grade students learnt very fast and many of them had shown the talent. Hopefully, they will love to pursue this subject in the future. “Dr. Phan Duy Hung shared after the lesson.

Source: FPT Education