Part-time Jobs for international students in Vietnam

Part-time Jobs are one of the financial aids that students can get. Working part-time not only allows you to have more financial freedom but also gives you a great chance to understand the country you choose to study.

However, finding a job in a local company with neither the right contacts nor the ability to speak Vietnamese is hardly possible. On the contrary, the job prospects in global enterprises are quite good. In addition, when you consider working in Vietnam, it will always take at least three months for the job search, especially for international students.

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Joining as a Part-Time Employee

Students can work on a part-time basis in order to support their education and other financial needs. Working would not only provide students with financial support but also give them exposure and experience of the practical world. As a matter of fact, many colleges and universities provide internships to the students as a part of their program. Thus, students can also earn through internships and continue with their studies very easily.

Understanding the financial budget as the most important struggles of international students, FPT offers a support service for students to find part-time jobs. In particular, 100% of international students will be introduced suitable part-time jobs within the first three months after coming to Vietnam. The purpose of this is to help students cover their living expense in Vietnam and reduce their financial burden.  

Tips for Students

  • Students can search for Part Time employment opportunities in their college premises itself.
  • Options such as working in the cafeteria, library, supporting the administrative department are available to students.
  • Moreover, one can also look for jobs near colleges or residence to save time to travel.
  • Students can discuss with their peers who are already working and can join the same place.
  • Part Time employment is one of the best options available to the students, as it provides with a lot of experience and financial support.
  • Few options that students can avail outside their college premises are, working in a store, mall, showrooms, restaurants, teaching English or even work from home, etc.

Having been experiencing 13 years of establishment, FPT University is proud to be the leading IT university in Vietnam with its global reputation for excellence in technology and 5-star student services. The university will be the best choice for international students who want to choose high-quality education in one of the most dynamic countries in Asia.

  • Free airport pick-up service
  • Part-time jobs guarantee
  • Free accommodation for outstanding students
  • Free excursion tour every semester
  • Student visa support
  • Free bus pass for the first year
  • Accommodation Support

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