Overcome the culture shock to gain success

Stepped to the stage with a big round of applause, Ms. Faniyi Omowunmi Mutiat, one of 200 graduates in the second commencement ceremony 2017 could not hide her happiness and pride on her face. Until now, she will bring this beautiful moment, unforgettable memory, knowledge and skills from 3 years at FPT University to start her own journey.

Faniyi is one of two international students who graduated in this ceremony, marking the ceremony become multi- national and dynamic event. “Today is my graduation and I’m very excited. It’s like a dream come true and like a present I wish to have for a long time,” she said. This lovely lady from Nigeria came to Vietnam in the end of December, 2013 to study Business Administration major.

Faniyi shared that Vietnam was not the first choice due to her financial issue. However, at that moment, she also saw opportunities to start up a business between Vietnam and Nigeria that strengthened her determination to go to Vietnam to study business major.


Unlike other local students, this Nigerian has been spent a lot of effort to study and live in another country. “Language barrier, far distance from my home country and unsuitable food are some of the main issues I have to face,” said Ms. Faniyi Omowunmi Mutiat. “At that moment I feel like going back home but I said to myself these should not be a distraction”.

Within a short period of time, she was able to adapt to the environment and start to get well with the university. “I had learn lots of things at FPT University,” she smiled. “I was not used to technology but when I studied here, I was taught how to use the computer and technology effectively”. She also showed her satisfaction toward the university facilities and learning environment.

Faniyi 2

During 3 years studying, her most memorable story at FPT was the dancing competition. “I really love the event because it helped people to show their talent, for me it was like a dream come true dancing on the stage,” she proudly stated.

It’s obvious that FPT University has equipped not only knowledge and skills for her future plan as a businesswoman but also brought a lot of memory and strength that will follow for the rest of her life. “My suggestions to new students are that no matter the circumstances they are facing, they should try to overcome it,” she noted. “Try to make yourself and people around you proud”.

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