Degree programs

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Whether you are looking for a fascinating university experience in a foreign country or passionate about exploring another culture without leaving home for too long, FPT University offers a wide range of study options for everyone. Explore our high-quality degree-awarded programs and enrichment short courses today!


The biggest advantage of FPT University students is their real-world work experience gained through the On-the-Job Training (OJT) program as part of their degree. With a global mindset and pragmatic industry-oriented knowledge and skills, FPT University graduates will be ready to start their ideal career immediately after graduation.

The courses are offered by FPT Greenwich under regular supervision of the University of Greenwich. It provides students the industry-related, up-to-date knowledge, certified by international standards, that is required for entering the highly competitive employment market.

Students at Swinburne (Vietnam) are globally recognised and equivalent to the degree offered to students at Swinburne (Melbourne, Australia). In 2019, Swinburne is partnering with technology focused FPT University in Vietnam to deliver undergraduate programs in Hanoi. The partnership will initially bring to Vietnam Swinburne’s global education and research expertise in information and communication technology, business, and media and communication.