Opportunity to find a job for FPT University students at International day – Fly high jobs

International day – Fly high jobs with hundreds of jobs was recently held by Student Affairs Department on 22 May 2019.

Fly High Jobs

The event took place during the morning of May 22 at Hoa Lac campus with many activities such as exhibitions, interviews, recruitment, cultural exchanges, art performances, and talk shows between businesses and students.

The job fair opened free. This was an opportunity for students to build network with company representatives; get career advice; prepare CV in English, and develop soft skills to overcome rigorous recruitment and step into the best working environment. Students could also try to join an interview at the Job Fair by bringing your CV and going to the booth of the business they want to apply directly to.

Fly High Jobs

“FPT University is the first university in Vietnam founded by an enterprise with 100% investment from FPT Corporation. Therefore, we understand the importance of cooperation between businesses and schools in developing human resources to meet the needs of the social economy,” a representative of the organizer noted. “With the desire to create an environment for businesses to access high quality human resources and bring attractive job opportunities for young people, FPT University organizes International day – Fly high jobs”.

The event is an annual activity that FPT University organizes for students to get a job when they study in the university. In 2019, the career day of FPT University had the participation of about 40 leading companies and enterprises such as Toshiba, Fsoft, BASE ENTERPRISE, VietIS, VNEXT SOFTWARE, Japan Fintech, VTI , ACworks Co., Ltd, Leon Urban Development Co., Ltd, VinID, Shopee, Smart OSC, GVN, etc.

With International day – Fly high jobs, FPT University affirmed that the school always supports its students in finding and introducing prestigious companies and businesses with thousands of attractive jobs.