Opportunity to get 100% scholarship and a monthly salary up to USD 2000 with BrSE

Students enrolled in the 10,000 Bridging Software Engineers (BrSE) Program of FPT Software will have the opportunity to receive 100% scholarship, equivalent to VND 170 million (USD 7,490).

The program of Studying and Working in Japan for 10,000 BrSE has recently announced its next admission for the 12th course starting in April. Participants include graduates from technology majors such as IT, Electronics and Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, etc. with a solid background in C, C #, Java, PHP, .net, etc and under 30 years old. Registration will close by November 5.

Working in Japan with a starting salary up to USD 2,000 per month is one of the opportunities for candidates to join BrSE.
Working in Japan with a starting salary up to USD 2,000 per month is one of the opportunities for candidates to join BrSE.

The 10,000 BrSE Program within the 2014- 2018 period is one of two strategic programs implemented by FPT in Japan in order to help FPT in particular and Vietnam IT companies in general to be able to adapt the workload on IT Outsourcing from Japan and provide Japanese companies more sources of young IT engineers.

The program is built on the successful experience of bridge engineer training program implemented by FPT Software for many years. It is expected that about 5,000 engineers will be trained by studying in 6-12 months in Japan while the remaining 5,000 engineers will be trained in Vietnam under the IT training program of FPT University and FPT Software.

In 6-12 months, students will be taught to use Japanese fluently not only in daily life but also in IT field. During the study period, participants have the opportunity to learn interviewing skills, CV writing skills and IT process in Japan as well as  join Japanese level assessment to improve their ability to be employed in the local company. Students will also be offered part- time jobs and internships at FPT Japan or FPT’s partners in Japan and IT courses on the online system.

The tuition fee for students of BrSE program at Meros Language School in Japan is 3% lower than other students in the world. The school also offers scholarships for excellent candidates at 25%, 50% and 100% service fees with the value up to VND 68 million (VND3,000). Upon completion, students will be offered the opportunity to earn a minimum salary of USD 2,000 per month in Japan. Those who do not meet the requirements of graduation will be assigned by FPT Software to continue their training in Vietnam and will come back to work in Japan when they have chance.

FPT Sofware’s 10,000 BrSE program has been operated since October 2014. Until now, about 600 students are studying and working in Japan. In addition to seven graduation courses, the program has 3 other courses starting in this year.

Source: Chungta.vn