Opportunity to explore Singapore- the city in a Garden for FPT University students

FPT University students will have a chance to join in the Passage to Asean (P2A) in Singapore to learn about the culture, the country and the local people through lots of interesting activities.

This P2A program will be held at Tamasek Polytechnic, Singapore from July 3-7, with the participation of students from 11 countries in Southeast Asia. This is a great opportunity for FPT University students to experience and learn more about Singapore, expand their knowledge and have more friends in the 11 countries of ASEAN community. It is also the relaxing time for students after stressful semester and add extra energy to the next journey.

Tamasek Polytechnic, Singapore.

During the 5-day journey in Singapore, FPT University students will participate in a seminar on multicultural communication, join in social projects for the community and discuss on “Diversity in the workplace”, etc. They also have chance to visit beautiful Singapore city with famous” check-in” locations or to participate in the Global Community Day 2018. Exploring culture and cuisine, as well as exchanging with students from all over the ASEAN countries will also be important parts of the journey.

Glocal Connect Village where students of FPT University live during the trip.

P2A is a non-profit Network that was officially formed in June 2012 during the First Assembly of Representatives hosted by Rangsit University in Thailand and attended by Norton University of Cambodia, Duy Tan University of Vietnam, The National University of Laos, and Myanmar Computer Institute of Myanmar. During this time, the concepts of P2A were established, which were based on the vision of the ASEAN Charter: “One Vision, One Identity” and creating “one caring and sharing community”. Passage to ASEAN is driven by the need for regional solidarity and a shared responsibility towards people and society as a whole. P2A was initiated with the principle that higher education should be a leader in the development of society.

On the basis of balancing between knowledge and skills, personal development program of FPT University- the NINJA (Navigating an Independent Nonstop Journey to Autonomy) was created with many exciting activities such as 7 days of life experience, 48- hour movement, P2A Asean Journey, etc. These aim to help students become more self-reliant and mature as well as have more proficient communication and more comprehensive development.

Source: FPT Education