More opportunities for FPT University students at Induk University in South Korea

On May 8, an Memorandum of Understanding on students/lecturers exchange, culture exchange, and research/training  cooperation between FPT University and Induk University (South Korea) was recently signed in a solemn atmosphere in Seoul – South Korea.

During the trip to Seoul – South Korea under the invitation of Induk University (Korea), the delegation of FPT University including staff, lecturers and students has participated in many important, attractive and meaningful activities. Of which, the noteworthy event was the signing ceremony of MOU between the two schools.

Ms. Tran Thi Le Quyen – Head of Graphic Design at FPT University (green dress) was honored to participate in the signing ceremony.

The ceremony has witnessed the attendance of Ms. Tran Thi Le Quyen – Head of Graphic Design at FPT University, Ms. Trinh Phuong Anh – a representative of IC-PDP Department. Representatives of Induk University included Dr. Yeo-Song Yoon (Rector of Induk University), Prof. Dr. Ho-Chul Chang (President of KECD), Professor Dai-Sung Yeum (Dean of International Cooperation), Prof. Dr. Min-Hyoung Lee (Design Lecturer).

In the context of globalization, creating opportunities for students to exchange and study abroad has become an indispensable trend. FPT University also aims to provide each FPT student at least one semester studying abroad. On the other hand, FPT University has become as an emerging destination for international students. Currently, there are about 400 students from Japan, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, France, Germany, etc. every year to study short-term programs at FPT University.

The MOU was signed between the two schools.

“Based on the corporation with INDUK University – a leading design training school in South Korea, the two institutions will set up a real exchange program for academic research,  professional seminars and conference,” said Ms. Tran Thi Le Quyen- Head of Graphic Design. “Therefore, students and lecturers could have opportunity to learn more in addition to cultural exploration and exchange”.

Previously, Prof. Ho-Chul Chang (President of KECD and Director of Ahjung Art Museum) had a visit to Vietnam. Here, Mr. Chang visited several universities, including FPT University at the invitation of Ms. Tran Thi Le Quyen.

Induk University is impressed with the learning environment at FPT University.

After the visit, he expressed his satisfaction and impressiveness with FPT University in general and Department of Graphic Design in particular so he planned to cooperate and promote MOU between the two universities.

“The signing of cooperation agreement with Induk University (South Korea) is a milestone marking the relationship between two sides as well as opening many opportunities for students of FPT University in general and the higher education sector in particular to study in South Korea,” Ms. Trinh Phuong Anh from IC-PDP at FPT University said.

Many terms are discussed and exchanged during the ceremony.

Ms. Tran Thi Le Quyen shared that right after the signing ceremony, the exchange and negotiations between the two sides will continue to be conducted to set a reasonable roadmap for the agreed terms in the MOU in order to bring the best benefits for students of both schools.

It is expected that in August, officials, lecturers and students of Induk University (South Korea) will visit and exchange at FPT University.

Source: FPT Education