A number of Vietnamese students are forced to return home early on account of this very normal reason

Being unprepared for the financial resources and good languages with knowledge, many abroad students unintentionally pushed themselves into a vicious cycle of debts, making them look for a job to earn money and pay for their debts. This issue is considered as a huge impact on their study, forcing abroad students in Japan in particular and students from other countries in the world in general to return home.

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The situation here shows that by comparing the number of students enrolled in Japanese schools and the number of students graduating in those schools, there is a slight difference in an evident way. Many Japanese students are not able to graduate, and are forced to return home or are allowed to study until they graduate but fail to reach the required school level. All of those students absolutely cannot enter into universities or colleges, and they have to return home.

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A famous school in Tokyo got the high rank on nisshinkyo, with approximately 40 students having missed or failed to get a certificate after graduation because of high dropout rates and poor academic performance. Many people who are too old to enter into universities or colleges in their country make a decision to leave their home country and raise the hope for their family with a decent university degree in another country but their purposes are not successful as expected. Many people ask by themselves: What are the reasons?

Minh Hoa, a Vietnamese student from Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province, came to Japan to study language in Tokyo when he was 23. He did not have to borrow too much money from someone to go to Japan and with his new psychology, so he almost went to school fully in the first two semesters. The rate of his attending classes was usually 90%. However, Hoa began to think differently at the third semester when he saw that many friends around him did two or three jobs per month and earned 20 – 25 man. Hoa began working more, receiving many nights due to high salary. After every night, Hoa earned more than 2 million, the amount equal to a half of month salary that he had worked as an employee in Vietnam before. The more money he earned, the more expenses he spent at Tokyo. Minh Hoa spent much money on drinking, bar, hanging out with girlfriends. This has changed Hoa’s characteristics a lot. As a result, at the third semester, Hoa took up his study again but due to his keen on earning much money, Hoa couldn’t stop. Finally, Hoa resumed his study again and again because he did not get enough grades, the school did not allow Hoa to learn new knowledge. Ending one year and nine months of studying Japanese in Japan, many of his schoolmates who had a starting point in their language skills overcame him to get N3, N2, whereas Hoa still stopped at N4. Certainly, Hoa was not granted a certificate of graduation from the school and forced to return home. Consequently, Hoa faced the dark future.

Mr. Minh Tuan, a manager of international students at the school in Tokyo said that there were many cases of learning one year and 9 months but had the same situation as Hoa stopping at N4.

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The problem is

Being unprepared for financial and language barriers, they accidentally pushed students into a vicious cycle include debts, go outside for working to make payments, then turn home due to not completing their studies. The pressure to make money, many Vietnamese students in Japan worked overtime with no Japanese that lost many job opportunities and life worthwhile for them. Not only students but also many Vietnamese people working in Japan also have language problems; however, they do not want to spend time learning Japanese.

Not learning Japanese early is a mistake

Mr. Thanh is now 33 years old, he had been sent to Japan by a Technology Company of Vietnam with a three-year contract. Mr. Thanh communicated with clients mainly in English, or Japanese through interpreters. His job was quite good, but his life was difficult because he could not speak Japanese while he sometimes needed to ask for buying something in the supermarket, went to the hospital without knowing Japanese language. So, many times he wished not to be sick so as to avoid having these problems.

Mr. Thanh felt really regretted when he almost finished the contract with the Vietnamese company, he wanted to stay in Japan and also tried a job brokerage company to find a job. With many years of experience in technology field, it was not difficult for him to get a job at a relatively large technology company in Japan, but they required communication in English, also needed Japanese language at least N4. Although he had been in Japan for 3 years, he could not have a Japanese certificate. Finally, he was so regretful for returning home and lost the opportunity to get a good job for improving skills in Japan.

Being cheated & bullied for not knowing Japanese language

Living in any countries in the world also needs the sympathy of language to make life easier. With the experience of around 20 developed and developing countries worldwide, people can claim that there is less fraud in their life as going shopping daily.

Nevertheless, the longer people live in Japan, the darker spots they will see. Japanese people know that Japanese is a difficult language. So, whether people go out on a daily basis or even rent a house, they will need to read the contract carefully or they need to understand everything before signing because Japanese people will be willing to make a lot of money on it. The reason is that they know foreigners often have little Japanese language and are afraid of collisions and making questions.

When renting a hostel, many foreigners are attracted by the cheap packages of small companies. However, they should be careful because sometimes it is “a trick”. They might let foreigners in with low input money, low payment and cheap rent, but after a few months, people suddenly realize that the money they have in the account is much larger than the number stated in the contract.

People want to ask but it is not easy to seek a good person to help them translate with their landlord. Or people come to talk but the landlords do not understand because their Japanese is very poor. Finally, there is no beneficial for foreigners.

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Source: Collectibles

Lessons learned

It can be seen that studying Japanese is very important for those who are planning to study abroad, labor export or apply for employment at Japanese companies. The lack of Japanese language will make people more disadvantageous and lose many opportunities to develop themselves in Japan. All of these examples will be valuable lessons for the audiences who need to learn how to balance the learning curve and work overtime without affecting their study at school. Foreigners can also earn a little money by themselves to cover their life.

In addition, people should pay attention to seek and practice doing the right work as their program they pursue. Indeed, they will enhance practical skills and knowledge in order to attract many businesses not only in Japan but also in other countries worldwide.

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