New learning support program for FPT students

Officially launched in September with the goal of supporting students to improve their learning, the Training Department of University of Greenwich (Vietnam) normally called FPT Greenwich has decided to establish a Teaching Assistant (TA) club. In spite of new establishment, the club has achieved very good results.

In order to help students improve their knowledge and find motivation in learning, University of Greenwich (Vietnam) has developed a support model for student support – Teaching Assistant (TA). In addition, this is also a way for students with good academic achievements to be honored by the end of the semester thanks to plus points of joining school activity.

“TA is a project nourished by lecturers and teachers at University of Greenwich (Vietnam) for a long time with the hope of creating a healthy and rewarding playground. Through it, students could help each other improve their learning and personal development,” said Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh – Head of Business Administration Department. “All lecturers and teachers expect that the club will bring positive signs for those who do not pass the subjects, gradually reduce the number of students who have to restudy”.

Despite just coming into operation for a short time, TA has shown positive signals. Not only lecturers and teachers, TA students and those who join in the TA feel very excited in the program. Here, students not only reinforce knowledge but also the learning experience from other friends. It is hoped that this program will be increasingly replicated and popular with more students.

Source: University of Greenwich