New experience of Japanese students with FPT Education’s virtual exchange

FPT Education recently held two special exchange events for nearly 170 Japanese and Vietnamese students on September 19 and 25. The events are expected to help students develop their English ability, discussion skills and discover the dynamic culture of Vietnam.

Accordingly, on September 19, the virtual exchange event on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) – a rising trend in the education sector has attracted the attendance of 32 students from Sano High School students and FPT High School students. During the event, students had a chance to prepare a presentation on Sustainable Development, discuss and exchange information with others about this interesting topic.

FPT Education recently held two special exchange events for nearly 170 Japanese and Vietnamese students on September 19 and 25.

After the introduction, all students will be divided into 4 small groups ( 2 groups per school) showing their prepared presentation about SDG and answering questions. There were both Japanese and Vietnamese students in a group and discussed together to tackle one given SDG topic. After that, the Board of Judge evaluated groups’ presentations and gave scores.

Thuy Linh, FPT High school: “I believe that SDGs play an important role in our life,” said Ms. Thuy Linh – a student from FPT High School. “If our generation has a better understanding of this, this will be great for the future”.

Meanwhile, on September 25, the Freshman’s Camp with the attendance of 131 students has created a special chance for them to have a new experience, develop soft skills and make friends with people from other countries. These 131 students include 87 Japanese students from Chiba University of Commerce and 44 high school students from FPT. 

“Thank you for the support of the discussion team member. Through today’s discussion, I strongly believe that I have to work hard to solve the challenges and we will somehow solve these challenges in our generation,” said Ms. Hiroka Aida – a student from Sano High School. 

During the event, all students were divided into 8 big groups (Group A, Group B, etc.). In each big group, there are 2 small groups (Group A includes Group 1 & Group 2, etc). In sum, there are 16 small groups (2-3 Vietnamese students and 5-6 Japanese students in one small group) which played warm up games to get to know each other and discussed together about one given culture topic in a small group. Then, 2 small groups in one big group merged, shared their discussion with each other and prepared for their presentation. 

The successful delivery of this program is the testimonial of FPT Education’s commitment on bringing high quality and experimental education to students from all over the world. 

FPT Education Global hopes that these experiences and knowledge will be part of your life and the motivation for your future!

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