Nearly 500 FPT Eduers attend ‘FPT for Community Day’

Nearly 500 staff members, lecturers and students of FPT Education (FPT Edu) as well as their relatives participated in the launching of FPT’s Day for the 2018 community. The event was taken in Hoan Kiem Lake which attracted more than 5,000 FPT participants.

FPT for Community Day was organized by FPT Corporation in cooperation with the Vietnam Youth Federation and Vietnam Volunteer Centre (VVC).

Nearly 5,000 pedestrians have dyed orange colour in the area of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi.

This is the 9th year that FPT Corporation spent a day for staff to carry out volunteer activities. Together with Vietnam Volunteer Centre, FPT Corporation has implemented other meaningful activities.

Speaking at the event, FPT CEO Bui Quang Ngoc expressed his hope that “the spirit of compassion will spread more so that the life can become more beautiful”.

An impressive performance from FPT University students.

This year’s FPT Community Day attracted the largest number of participants including about 5,000 FPT people and their relatives, as well as 2,000 youths from Vietnam Youth Federation. The event included a series of activities such as cooperation agreement with Vietnam Youth Federation, announcement of volunteer activities in 2018, Vovinam performance of 200 students of FPT University; Flashmob dance of FGDance Club at University of Greenwich (Vietnam).