Nearly 100 students of FPT Greenwich were honoured in the Fall Semester 2017

Nearly 100 students and 4 clubs from University of Greenwich (Vietnam) normally called as FPT Greenwich recently attended at the honoring ceremony for students of Fall Semester 2017.

In the Fall semester of 2018, the University of Greenwich (Vietnam) has nearly 100 students and 4 clubs were honored during the ceremony. The awards have recognize all the efforts of students and their active participation in the school’s activities.

During the ceremony, 30 students were honoured due to their outstanding academic result. Among them, the highest awards belonged to Tran Nguyet Anh (Business Administration), Nguyen Manh Dan (Information Technology) and Pham Minh Anh (Graphic Design).

“I never thought that I could win this noble title. My family is the encouragement which help me overcome the hard times of studying,” Tran Nguyet Anh happily shared. “I would like to send special thanks to my teachers and friends who have been accompanied with me during my time at the school”.

The ceremony was closed with a sweet party prepared by the school so families and students can enjoy and share their sweet moments thanks to their hard work. This is also the culture of FPT in general and the University of Greenwich (Vietnam) in particular in order express the university’s concern to the students and its recognition on the students’ efforts and motivation for them.

Being one of the International University Partners of University of Greenwich across the world, the University of Greenwich (Vietnam) normally called as FPT Greenwich offers an unique opportunity for students to have the best of both worlds: a world-class undergraduate education at an affordable cost.

Tuition fee is of 1/3 equivalent to that of the UK and other developed countries. Students who participate in this program will receive the same degree bestowed by the University of Greenwich as received by students who study on campus at Greenwich, United Kingdom.

The courses are offered by FPT Greenwich under regular supervision of the University of Greenwich. It provides students the industry-related, up-to-date knowledge, certified by international standards, that is required for entering the highly competitive employment market.

Graduates from FPT Greenwich have a high chance of finding employment in many areas of business, such as IT Management, Business Computing consultancy, Project Management, Internet and e-Commerce Applications, Marketing Executive, Event Manager, Financial Executive, etc.

Source: University of Greenwich (Vietnam)