I’m Liyanage Geethika Dilani Perera. I’m 23 years old and I come from Sri Lanka.


I have started my University Journey at Swinburne Vietnam since January 5th.  At first, I was so nervous because I have never had the same experience before. However, all the anxiety was gone when I met the staff, teachers and classmates at Swinburne. I was introduced about the Global citizen program and I thought this was a great start for me. Till now, that thought is still true.

What is Global citizen?

“Global citizen development program is the University entry program, which orientates students to become a global citizen”. The program is organized by “The Little Australia” at Swinburne Vietnam.

Here I learnt to develop a growth mindset to become independent, discover myself and enjoy life to the fullest. Teachers and experts coming from many countries around the world have brought me the most effective international programs. And the most interesting things is all the teaching & learning is in English.

Project – based learning

It is totally a different experience in my life with the Projects – Based Learning.

I joined the HEATWAVE team. We did “SAVE THE EARTH” project with Headstart Research Team and making presentations on environmental problems. We analyzed the current situation of single use plastic in the world and consequences then proposed the solutions for it. It was really funny and good for team work development.

My teamwork skill has been improved a lot
We made a presentation on the topic “Nature”
The beginning is so great


One of the most meaningful experience of mine was the debate between Little UK and Little Australia’s students on the topic: “Facebook does more harm than good”.  Though I just came to watch the debate, I learnt from them a lot. By debating on a specific issue, we can learn to use our critical thinking and knowledge to look for different solutions and to apply them to real life. Here are 4 benefits that I got from the Debate program:

  • Learn to research and analyze problems logically
  • Improve public speaking skills
  • Listen & learn from different ways
  • Practice academic integrity

Above all, it’s not about winning or losing the Debate, it’s the EXPERIENCE that shapes who we can be in the world. That’s matter most.

Here are 5 skills I’ve been learning in Little Australia:

  • Communication skill
  • Teamwork skill
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Critical thinking skill
  • Innovative and entrepreneurship

I think those are the most important foundations for 21st century citizens. Teachers are very supportive and understanding. I also study with local & international students in Swinburne Vietnam, who are very friendly and fun. I go to Swinburne every day and come back excitedly looking forward to the next class and new experiences.  It’s so inspiring to be studied in such a beautiful campus as well. From my perspective, the personal development programs such as Global citizen provide a very good foundation for me and other students before we’ve officially become a college student. I know that I did choose the right destination for myself. It’s the choice that I will never regret.