Memorable experience of FPT University students at “7-day experience”

Nearly 30 students of FPT University had earned a lot of new friends and interesting experiences after the “7- day experience” program in Lam Dong. The journey closed with the memories and experiences of going to the coffee field, taking care of pepper garden, harvesting passion fruits, swimming in the Pongour waterfall and exploring the flower garden in the suburban of Da Lat.

Young children in Thien Chi village (Duc Trong commune – Ninh Gia district – Lam Dong province) enjoyed the funny stories of FPT University students.
This is the first time many students of FPT University took care of pepper garden.
Ms. Mai – a villager instructed students to plant and take care of the coffee.
Located 50 km away from the south of Da Lat, Pongour Falls is a popular tourist destination and place for many religious festivities. Dropping across a cascade from 40 m (131 ft), the water pours over a layered and terraced wall of rock which reduces its force making the scene look tame and poetic.
According to the legend, in the old time, Phu Hoi – Tan Hoi – Tan Thanh commune now was managed by a beautiful woman named Kanai (a head of a Kho tribe). Kanai’s hair was transformed into blue water, cool, white foam.
In addition to Lam Dong, students also joined some volunteer activities to support the local community.
Discovering the passion fruit garden has brought exciting memories for students.

The program is organized by the Personal Development Program (PDP) Department at FPT University by the end of each semester. The journey has created opportunities for students to experience the culture, relax and connect with more people.

On the basis of a balance between knowledge and skills, NINJA (Navigating an Independent Nonstop Journey to Autonomy)- a personal development program through the experience of FPT University was created. With many exciting activities such as 7- day experience, 48 hours of movement, P2A Asean Journey, etc., FPT University helps students become more self-reliant, mature and confident.

Source: FPT Education