Memorable experience of foreign students with FPT University

The “48- hour movement” journey has brought FPT University and international students memorable experience in Can Gio mangrove forest.

Vietnamese people are friendly but afraid of speaking English.

Statistics show that about 1.5 billion people are speaking English globally and about one billion people are in the process of learning. English is no longer a plus for global job profiles but a necessity in the context of integration.

At FPT University, since the first year, students are required to learn English that helps them to work in an international environment. During the “48- hour movement” journey, each team will have at least one international student. As a result, to complete the journey, all members must use English.

During the journey, FPT University students had precious time spending with students from Germany, France and the Netherlands, so they have learnt a lot especially English skills. Meanwhile, international friends felt very happy with the warm welcome and the friendliness of Vietnamese.

“When we open our mind, there is no barrier,” said Jim Cox- a student from the Netherlands. Thanks to the friendliness of Vietnamese student, Jim understood more about the culture of the country.

Interesting lifestyle of Vietnamese people

Jim had met many difficulties in using chopsticks or having breakfast too soon. However, he still found them as interesting and memorable culture of Vietnam. Meanwhile, German student Dominik Wihelm Gert Kessel is quite well with the chopsticks.

The campfire was also a memorable experience with exciting plays and dances. While Dominik did not hesitate to think of the dance that made people sway, Mangasaryan Franckranck enjoyed Vietnamese dance. With Niklas Thelemann, it was a campfire with so many memories to dance around the fire and try to play the guitar.

Y Nhi- a student of International Business Management happily shared that after the journey she had more foreign friends, learned about their culture and especially had the opportunity to improve the ability English communication. With Hong Phuc – K13 student in Software Engineering understood more about the independent lifestyle of foreign students.

On the basis of balancing between knowledge and skills, personal development program of FPT University- the NINJA (Navigating an Independent Nonstop Journey to Autonomy) was created with many exciting activities such as 7 days of life experience, 48- hour movement, P2A Asean Journey, etc. These aim to help students become more self-reliant and mature as well as have more proficient communication and more comprehensive development.

Credit: Education Online