Meet the valedictorian who are graduated with the passion for computer

Graduated with GPA of 8.95/10, Phung Minh Tung – a FPT University student has become one of valedictorians and also won high prizes in academic competitions in the field of computer science.

Born in 1994, this valedictorian graduates technology degree and is one of 84 graduates of Hanoi in 2017 who was honored at The Temple of Literature in Hanoi.

Tung is well known in Phan Dinh Phung High School because of his scholarship at FPT University and it was fortunate that his brother was also a FPTU student.

“I choose Computer Science because I want to learn more about information technology,” Tung said. ” Another reason is that I like math very much and computer science applies a lot of mathematical knowledge”.

Phung Minh Tung- a valedictorian at FPT University.

Each class had 10 students, so everyone is very close. Living in that lovely environment is filled with fun and excitement that motivated him to do scientific research. At the university, he won the first and second prizes in the Informatics Olympiad, Math Olympiad and ACM/ICPC.

Phung Minh Tung has a record of “great” achievements that make friends admire with high awards including second prize at Entropy – Data Analytics for Data Science in 2017; second prize in the Vietnam Mathematical Olympiad in 2015; 2nd prize in the national round of ACM-ICPC for algorithmic programming in 2015; and first prize in the Vietnam Informatics Olympiad in 2014. He also received excellent scholarships such as Huawei Scholarship – Future Telecom Seed in 2015; and full scholarships for FPT University in 2012.

Growing up in the information technology age, the young man is aware that he must prepare well to catch up with the development. He is fascinated with computers and computer science.

Phung Minh Tung is also active in the university’s activities. “Despite joining in some clubs, I still feel it’s not enough, especially in comparison with other students,” Tung said. “If time went back, I would actively participate in further school activities. FPT University has equipped with good equipment. From competitions, I learnt a lot of things and accumulated deep knowledge”.

Tung has participated in the Golden Bell Ring (2015 and 2016) and is an active member of the Debate Club.

Sharing about effective learning and high achievement, Phung Minh Tung said: “To learn well, you must love that subject. Besides studying in the classroom, review and accumulation of knowledge from the internet is extremely important to expand the knowledge”.

Currently, Tung is a software engineer of WorldQuant Company with the mission of researching and creating internal software for the company.

Source: FPT Education