Meet Japanese lecturer who in love with FPT educational environment

With FPT University students, Ms. Hanae Ikea is not only a lecturer but also a sister and a friend who shares the passion of Japanese language and love for the culture and people of the sunrise country.

Meeting Ms. Hanae Ikeda on a summer afternoon at the Hoa Lac campus, she and Nguyen Hoang Lam (Japanese language students) are on the library looking for a few books for the next lesson. Spending times to meet and discuss with students on Japanese language and culture has become routines for Ms. Hanae Ikeda. The lecturer considered it as a joy in work as well as a “wonderful catalyst” keeping her sticking with Hoa Lac and Vietnam for more than two years.

Hanae Ikeda (borned in 1990) is a Japanese lecturer who is loved by many FPT students.

The lecturer borned in 1990 slowly shared about the reason why she decided to go to FPT University. It’s a long story to come out of her desire to work and experience abroad. “In my hometown, I used to teach Japanese to foreign students. I have seen many students who lived and studied away from home, they had to find a way to integrate with strange environment and culture that can make them feel insecurity and even stress, “said Ms. Hanae Ikeda. “Thus, I want to do something to help them. In order to do that, I think I need to have similar experiences and I start thinking about working abroad”.

Ms. Hanae Ikeda decided to choose Vietnam because of her own sentiment. “Vietnam is very close to Japan and I have many friends here,” she smiled. Her family also supported the desire to experience the environment of working abroad.

In 2015, Ms. Hanae Ikeda started to work at with FPT University. “FPT University cooperated with many Japanese enterprises, including the exchange program to study and practice in Japan and the introduction of the Japanese Language course,” she shared. “I’m very impressed with the university environment and intensive training for foreign languages including Japanese. At the same time, the university does not have a Japanese lecturer, so I applied to help something for students”.

FPT University students gave flowers to Ms. Ikeda on the occasion of Vietnamese Women Day on October 20.

At first, young teachers from Japan encountered difficulty on language barrier that made her sometimes embarrassed. However, colleagues and students at FPT University helped her to work more convenient. “I was invited to participate in many interesting activities such as joining Da Nang city tour, climbing Yen Tu and attending small parties,” she happily said. “The students also taught me to speak Vietnamese so now I can understand a little and say a few simple sentences such as greetings, sorry, etc.”.

After nearly two years at Hoa Lac campus, Hanae Ikeda has been familiar with her colleagues and students. She highlighted that the teaching and learning environment here is very great. With her passion and friendly characteristic, students of FPT University, especially students in the field of Japanese language love her so much.

In the future, Ms. Hanae Ikeda intends to continue researching some new teaching methods to create excitement for Japanese students.

Source: FPT Education