Meet FPTU students who opened software company in Finland

After winning the first prize in a startup contest in Finland, the three Vietnamese men quickly turned their ideas into true business venture.

Nguyen Le Hoang, Vu Hai Ninh and Nguyen Tien Dat studied Software Engineering at FPT University. Upon graduation, Dat worked for a software company in Singapore while Hai Ninh and Le Hoang studied Business Management in Finland. Geographic distance as well as barriers of language and ethnic did not make them flinch but gradually deploy their business ideas.

Nguyen Tien Dat, Vu Hai Ninh and Le Hoang (from left to right).

Hai Ninh said that they found that Finland was suitable to start a business so they decided to develop a software product for sale.

“We brought the ideas and products to participate in the contest called Ahjo Accelerator Program. This is a typical start-up style in Finland today, “said this member.

The initial product of the group is a web-based application that helps create beautiful and appropriate survey templates for users to use on their smartphones. This app is designed to easily collect feedback from phone users, operate on multiple devices and meet different needs and purposes.

When putting into practice, due to the diverse customer needs, other members also offer many services such as consulting, interface design survey, equipment rental, etc. The goal is to support businesses collect customer feedback effectively with innovative and suitable solutions.

This product won the first prize as well as received attention and cooperation proposal of many companies in Finland such as Haaja, Yap, etc. The government was also willing to support about VND 200 million when the company established. So far, this young enterprise has been operating for several months in two Finnish cities including Turku and Mikkeli. The customers must pay a cost of 50-300 euros per month based on different requests.

“Regarding about the idea, many experts assessed that Survey in Pocket can completely become a new service with high competitiveness compared to the same products in the international market. Participating in the contest is a great opportunity to develop this idea,” Tien Dat shared.

Talking about challenges and opportunities in a developed country like Finland, the “young bosses” are quite optimistic. According to them, this country has a very good environment for setting up a company. After Nokia, the largest Finnish company, was sold to Microsoft, a large portion of the population was unemployed, and the economy went down dramatically. Thus, both society and government are trying to create new jobs to stabilize the economy. Startup communities are opened, with the aim of providing knowledge, opportunities and helping new businesses expand relationships. Thanks to this support, more and more new businesses are opening up.

Three young Vietnamese won the Finnish startup contest.

“Finland creates an environment where people with passion and determination are involved in self-development and support. Startup communities are the exchange and learning place for those who are passionate and want to become bosses,” Hai Ninh analyzed.

Three guys faced many difficulties and challenges to achieve their goals. Of which, language barrier is considered as the hardest issues when most Finnish people know 2 or 3 languages, they speak good English but in business they mainly use their mother tongue. However, with the IT knowledge, working and social experience, three young guys are more confident to overcome these barriers.

“At FPT University, my team also participated in some competitions and won the prizes so we had a little experience. In addition, presentation skills also make us confident and better than competitors in the contest,” Le Hoang said.

The three young people recommended that students should learn and practice regularly to improve themselves. “Think simply and act immediately. During the operation, you will learn more knowledge and experience,” said three alumnis of FPT University.

Source: FPT Education