Meet FPT University student who denied a salary of nearly USD 1000 to do startup

Shortly after graduation, Khuc Huu Huy- a final-year student at FPT University received an invitation to work at a large IT corporation with starting salary of nearly USD 1,000. However, Huy chose to follow a startup project which he operated when he was a student.

Being the champion in “Become a Unipreneur in 2016” contest, students of FPT University including Khuc Huu Huy, Nguyen Cao Thang, Nguyen Xuan Tung, Nguyen Huu Minh, Nguyen Huu Quyet, Phan Van Giang, Nguyen Phuong Anh and Do Thi Phuong had received many career opportunities before graduate.

Khuc Huu Huy (stand in the middle) with his team at “Become a Unipreneur in 2016” contest.

Huu Huy, the fresh engineer denied the salary of nearly USD 1,000 at Vietnam’s largest IT corporation to set up his own company. Huy and two other students in the group are determined to build SGUIDE which has won the first prize at Start-up Uni contest. FIHATECH JSC, founded by Huy, was born.

“This idea was founded from the Start-up Uni competition. After this competition, our team also brought SGUide to the iAngel Acceleration to call for investment capital,” Huy shared.

SGUIDE is a smart museum, acting as a guide to accompany visitors at the museum. SGuide can recreate the story of the exhibits on the smartphone’s display of visitors.  So, with only a smartphone and SGuide application, domestic and foreign tourists can understand more about the history of a country.

Over the first few months, Huy realized that the way to start a business does not spread roses as many people still think, especially for young people. A lot of experience is learnt after each failure. “There were many days when the whole company looked back and found themselves working ineffectively. It is also the time when I felt lost and thought more about the future,” Huy said.

Previously, as a third year student, Huy and his classmates had the opportunity to practice in the business. At that time, he simply thought how to finish his internship well and be able to earn money without paying much attention to the operation of the company. By the time he got to work, he realized that “every job must have a process and a way to operate it smoothly”.

The market is large and difficult however he shared that he never regretted about his choice. “If chosen again, I still choose to start a business,” he determined.

Source: FPT Education