Meet FPT University’s future inventor

Enthusiastic in the idea of technology applications, Nguyen Huu Linh- a student from FPT Greenwich Vietnam is known as one of the potential “inventors” with many outstanding achievements of inventing many different products for daily life.

Some of Nguyen Huu Linh's awards and prizes.
Some of Nguyen Huu Linh’s awards and prizes.


In contrast to the effusive and outgoing appearance, Nguyen Huu Linh spent a lot of time at home to explore, research and invent many useful technical products in life.

Start to know about technology at the age of 15, Huu Linh was instructed by his Electrical Technology teacher at secondary school. She also introduced Linh to join the provincial contest on Science and Technology Development due to his outstanding results in this subject. With this encouragement, “the inventor” has confidence to create electric generators operated by hand and won the first prize. With a family working in the electricity industry, the passion of this young man is also enhanced. In the following years, with the encouragement from teachers, friends and family, a lot of new products have been born and become more creative.

Observation to develop

“My inventions come from the daily life observation,” Linh shared. “I usually pay attention on detail and love to develop products to help people”.

Over the past five years, Huu Linh has created a long list of inventions such as Robot Guides the Blinds – Creative award of Science and Technology Contest in Binh Phuoc province in 2017, Safe fire sensor for family – Third award of Youth Creativity Contest 2016, and smart device to combat theft- second prize of Dong Phu District Contest. It is known that Huu Linh is the only representative of the district in the creative science and technology contest of Binh Phuoc province.

Nguyen Huu Linh is an IT student at FPT Greenwich.
Nguyen Huu Linh is an IT student at FPT Greenwich.

In this year, three over four Huu Linh’s product have been selected by the Binh Phuoc province to be sent to the national contest. Of which, alcohol-sensitive helmet for motorcycle riders is highly appreciated. Thanks to this smart helmet, drivers who do not wear helmets or drink alcohol will be handled.

In addition to technology invention, Nguyen Huu Linh also has advantages on sports with a number of local prizes on sports from 2014 to 2017.

Choose right environment to raise the dream

Someone said that the focus on invention would distract him from learning. Huu Linh decided to choose FPT Greenwich Vietnam to follow his passion on IT. Linh shared FPT is his first choice when he was a high school student. He wants his products to be supported by technology to be more practical and useful.

With education and environment at Greenwich University (Vietnam), Huu Linh wants to be more passionate and creative to improve his products’ software to bring them to real life. “I still have another passion for this year and I will develop it more practical when I earn knowledge at the university,” he proudly stated.

It is hoped that the creative and free land of FPT Greenwich Vietnam will support him well on the path of passion.

Credit: FPT Greenwich