Machine- like employees will lose their job

“If you work like a machine upon graduation, you are certainly unemployed,” said Dr. Le Truong Tung- President at FPT Education shared with local media about the requirements of training and education in Industry Revolution 4.0.

According to his share with Tien Phong Newspaper (a prestigious newspaper in Vietnam), Mr. Tung said that with the requirements of current practice, the curriculum must be renewed. It is very essential to update information and content related to Industry Revolution 4.0 into the curriculum. “For example, our curriculum in IT has been changed a lot. Previously, we mainly focused on programming and operating system, but now it must be big data, cloud computing, social networking, IoT, etc,” Dr. Tung highlighted. “In addition, other sectors such as banking must also understand the concepts”.

“Teaching and learning methods also need to change to avoid the dependence of students on lecturers,” FPT University’s President emphasized. Accordingly, he shared that FPT University plans that 20% of curriculum will be studied online. This relates to facilities, human resources, management, assessment and evaluation.

Dr. Le Truong Tung- President of FPT Education.

Another problem that Mr. Tung noted, is to enhance the awareness of teachers and lecturers. Teachers may be sent abroad for training or the schools should invite foreign expats to train. “Obviously, all the schools need to change in the coming times. The world has changed so fast so if we do not change, we will be left behind,” Dr. Tung highlighted.

According to the President of FPT University, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very important field. With the Industrial Revolution 4.0, it will be clearly that people will only do what machine could not do. “Nowadays, we do not wonder what robots can do but we should ask what they could not do. In addition, the cost of putting the machine into work is very cheap so the education must train people who not only control the machines. Upon graduation, if you work like a machine, you are certainly unemployed” he shared.