Looking back “ASEAN Virtual Study Tour” Journey

On March 22, FPT Education Global recently corporated with Bunkyo University (Japan) to hold the closing ceremony of “ASEAN Virtual Study Tour”.


The closing ceremony of “ASEAN Virtual Study Tour” welcomed the presence of representatives of universities including FPT Education, Bunkyo University (Japan), Prince of Songkla University (Thailand), Burapha University (Thailand), Airlangga University (Indonesia), BINUS University (Indonesia), Brawijaya University (Indonesia) and nearly 40 students from 4 countries.

The closing ceremony of “ASEAN Virtual Study Tour” was attended by representatives of four countries including Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand.

In the beginning, all students together answered the question: “What have you experienced at ASEAN Virtual Study Tour?”. New relationships, many friends with the same interests, a new language, learning a lot of skills, and so on, many answers came out. “I like being able to know about school uniforms of other countries. I was only allowed to wear a uniform when I was in secondary school, so I’m really jealous of my friends in Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan,” Ms. Anzu Nakamura from Japan shared about experiences she learned after the program. “This is just one of the many cultural features that I have learned about in the program. Hopefully, we can talk to each other face to face in the near future”.

The students all learned a lot of knowledge through the program

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien – Dean of FPT Education Global also expressed her gratitude to the components that make up the success of the program: “Thank you all, students! You have become a great part of the program and actively participated in all activities, showing your enthusiasm and willingness to connect with the world in the context of the epidemic. Thanks to our team for their efforts to arrange the program. Last but not least, thanks to our partners for helping in coordinating this event. This closing ceremony is not the end, but an opening to many new opportunities, for global friendship. “

Certificate for students participating in the “ASEAN Virtual Study Tour”

At the end of the event, the students were awarded a Certificate from FPT Education and together toasted to congratulate the success of the “ASEAN Study Tour”. The song “See You Again” is goodbye and also a wish to see students all in the next programs of FPT Education Global!