Learn from real life with FPT University

FPT University is well-known for its unique educational model, combining education with practicality through close links with business. Here, students will be involved in OJT (On Job Training) as a real employee and have enough time to practice skills in the job.

The curricula with practical-oriented design have helped narrow the gap between education and industry demand. FPT students are provided the best conditions for professional development including languages, personal development, social awareness, soft skills and on the job training (OJT) to meet the requirements to be qualified experts in a global working environment.

FPT University is the only representative of Vietnam receiving the ASOCIO ICT Award in 2018.

On-the-Job Training component creates opportunities for students to join real projects, real international working environment, and gain valuable hands-on experiences. This optional module brings the competitive edge and highly increases chance of getting employment after graduation to its participants.

“OJT is a very useful and important period for students as it creates opportunities to experience as a full time employee and see the real working environment. Through this, you can determine what you like and what you are suited to in order to orient your future,” Le Ngoc Hieu, Bachelor of Software Engineering, Vietnam.

FPT University offers a broad range of study areas from Information Technology to Business Administration and Languages at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The biggest advantages of FPT University students is their real- world work experience gained through the On- the- Job Training (OJT) program as part of their course. With a global mindset and pragmatic industry- oriented knowledge and skills FPT University graduates will be ready to start their ideal career immediately after graduation.

“The internship is not stressful but very interesting with a lot of new things that I have never experienced. Actually, it was very useful for my career orientation after graduation where I can learn communication skill, soft skills and improve myself to fit the actual needs,” Nguyen Thi Hue, Graduate, Bachelor of Software Engineering, Programmer at Bigtree Technology & Consulting Vietnam.

The On the Job Training (OJT) course is one of the main focuses of FPT University in its academic education delivery. Students reaching their final semester at the University are obligated to participate in the OJT course, of which they will choose to do a short internship at a business/company of their choices. This course is not only for the students to get familiar with a working environment but also raising their understanding and awareness of their strengths and weaknesses when they perform assignments in a real-life situation. Depend on the programs, the OJT can last for 3 or 4 months. It is also an opportunity for the employers to seek and recruit potential qualified candidates for various positions in a business.