Learn how to impress interviewers at FPT University

FPT University also focuses on developing soft skills and practical work experience for students before officially going to work.

On the morning of October 3, at Beta 110 Hall, a seminar on CV writing and interview was conducted by Mr. Kiyotoshi Araki – Representative of SEKISHO VIETNAM.

More than 60 students from different majors attended the seminar to learn experiences from Japanese speaker. During the seminar, Mr. Kiyotoshi Araki shared with students on how to write a CV and the correct behavior for interview. Through real stories about people, the speaker gives the recommendations for students to have an impressive CV and interview.

Students asked questions with speaker.

“In your CV and interview, you must show your personality. Employers want to know how you can objectively capture yourself and mindset. Especially many Japanese companies want to find the ability to think and work independently,” said Mr. Kiyotoshi Araki. “On the other hand, employers also want to know your how much you know about the company and your motivation at the company. To do it well, you need to analyze three factors, including personal, industry and business analysis.”

The seminar was highly appreciated by FPT University students. Many questions about the standards, people and style are answered thoroughly.

With his recruiting experience and specialized knowledge, Mr. Kiyotoshi Araki highlighted that: “Do not worry about what you have to say to the recruiter. A relaxed, confident spirit will bring you many things. The first interview of a recruiter focuses mostly on appearance, expressiveness and voice volume rather than the content of the conversation.”

FPT University students were very interested in the seminar.

The seminar not only helped students write CVs and provided suggestions for interviews, the workshop but also offered job opportunities at Japanese businesses for young people.

During the week of November 5 – 8, a series of student-centered activities will be held to bring students additional knowledge and skills.

Source: FPT Education