On the Job Training- Coaching One to One

The “On the Job Training – Coaching One to One” organized by FPT University’s Student Affairs Department from November 27 to December 01, 2017 has received a great response from students.

The program included the participation of two speakers, who were Nguyen Duc Hai – Director of TOPCV JSC and Ms. Pham Tuyet Hanh Ha – Head of Student Affairs Department at FPT University. The speakers listened and shared what students needed to get an impressive CV and to participate in an effective interview. At the same time, the program provides students instructions to “survive” during four months of internship. With the form of “Coaching: One to One”, students are free to express themselves, ask questions and get the quickest and most effective answer.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Hai is sharing "The way to impress by CV for the interview".
Mr. Nguyen Duc Hai is sharing “The way to impress by CV for the interview”.

Well preparation on the full range of skills and knowledge is essential. In addition, staying comfortable and confident will be a great plus for the students in the interview. As a person with experience in recruiting and having direct contact with FPT students, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hai shared: “I’m very impressed with FPT students who are very active and confident. They do not mind to prove themself and find new opportunities”.

Ms. Pham Tuyet Hanh Ha listened to the students' sharing.
Ms. Pham Tuyet Hanh Ha listened to the students’ sharing.

The practice is considered as a significant step for students to access and gradually adapt to work in the business. The process of gaining work experience, professional skills and soft skills in OJT will help students of FPT University active, confident, and successful.

Two speakers of “Coaching One to One” program.
Two speakers of “Coaching: One to One” program.

“I have learnt a lot through this program, the comment from the employer is very different from what I have evaluated before,” Ms. Nguyen Thi Giang- students of  software engineering shared. “I expected to do internship in the business to learn and cultivate more useful experience”.

Meanwhile Ms. Luong Thi Nguyet Hang- student of Business Administration said: “The sharing especially from Ms. Hanh Ha really helped me a lot during the preparation before the OJT. What makes me most interested are tips for interviewing which is how to impress employers”.

Source: FPT Education