Job Opportunities in Japan for FPT University students

On February 2, representatives of JR East Information Systems Company (JEIS) visited and discussed about cooperation opportunities with FPT University. At the same time, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly Linh- one of two students at FPT University was honored to receive the working certificate at the company.

Mr. Jichi Koichi Ishii (Executive Director), Mr. Yoshinobu Yamamoto (General Manager), and Akihiro Yoshimura (Head of JEIS – ICT Training Center) presented for the company to visit and work at FPT University. They also gave a lot of compliments on the facilities and quality of the students.

Representatives of JR East Information Systems Company (JEIS) visited FPT University.

Representatives of JEIS expressed their desire to cooperate with FPT University, giving students more career opportunities at JEIS. In particular, System Engineering is the position that JEIS has paid special attention during its recent recruitment campaign.

Speaking at the event, Ta Ngoc Cau also shared the vision and mission of FPT University in the field of education and training in the context of globalization and the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Mr. Koichi Ishii – Managing Director of JEIS Company awarded the working certificate to Nguyen Thi Ly Linh – student of FPTU majoring in Information Technology.

Two students of FPT University, which are Ly Linh and Nguyen Thanh Luan excellently passed the interview to become JEIS staff.

After that, JEIS also held a seminar with students of FPT University in the field of activities and career opportunities in the company in the future. The company expects to hire 20 students in the fourth year of FPT University, who graduate in June 2018, can go to Japan to work in April 2019 with the position of System Engineering. In particular, the company also has internship programs such as the “7- day” internship program.

FPT University students are excited to learn about job opportunities at JR East Information Systems Company (JEIS).

Hopefully after the meeting, JR East Information Systems Company (JEIS) and FPT University will tighten the cooperation. In the coming time, the job opportunities and the number of FPT students going abroad will increase significantly at JEIS.

Source: FPT Education