Japanese students to join Global Internship at FPT University

A group of 15 students from Gunma University (Japan) recently finished the Global Internship program for 2 weeks from August 12 to August 26 at prestigious business partners of FPT University in Hanoi. During the program, 15 students had the chance to exposure to real projects and challenges in a vibrant environment and gain real-world experience. 

Final session of Japanese students in their internship duration before coming back to Japan.

The trip began with a welcome party to introduce some of the Vietnamese cuisines and the purpose of the program. All 15 students also had the chance to introduce and exchange more about personal issues such as culture, hobbies, etc before enjoying memorable memories together for nearly 2 weeks in the capital of Vietnam.

“The program gives me a chance to experiment working environment in other countries. In the future, I want to go there to work,” a student of Gunma University (Japan) shared. “I’m very impressed with Vietnamese people, especially the young generation. They are very active in their career path”. 

During two weeks, Japanese students had the chance to work at ideal working places including the Global Office of FPT University, FPT Technology Research Institute, FPT Software, and E Hospital. In addition, they also visited Vinmec International Hospital and L’Hôpital Français de Hanoi – two outstanding international hospitals in Vietnam, met and learned experience from leading experts in the medical and health care sectors.

A group of medical students had a visiting trip to Vinmec International Hospital, Vietnam.

“I came to Vietnam because its culture seemed to be close to Japan, and both the traveling expenses and the duration are appropriate for me,” said Mr. Takuya Iwasaki – a student from Gunma University (Japan). “Through this experience, I learned how I spread messages to the general public and convey my strengths. Thank FPT University for giving me such an opportunity and support”.  

Besides, this 2-week program gave students the exclusive opportunity to explore the charming city of Hanoi and experience the unmatched beauty of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay. 

FPT University hopes that these experiences and knowledge will be part of your life and the motivation for your future!

A short but memorable trip to Halong Bay of Japanese students – Ta UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Global Internship exposes students to the real working environment, complementing and reinforcing what they have learned at university. It also carries new cultures and places to the student’s experience and provides the opportunity to develop new skills of cross-cultural communication and adaptation.

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Other photos during the program:

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