Japanese students fascinate in FPT’s online learning style

Instead of spending an hour and a half moving every day, now Shoya Hasebe – a senior student at Gakushuin University (Japan) feels “so convenient” when taking an exciting online course at FUNiX – an online learning platform of FPT.

Shoya Hasebe was one of the first students at FUNiX Japan, a FUNiX online training program in Japan. By participating in an online Data Science study, Shoya Hasebe completely enjoyed and had new experiences with this training model. “When studying at home, I have everything I need at hand. No longer tired from going to school, I don’t feel lonely as studying other online programs,” said Shoya Hasebe.

Shoya Hasebe (right), 22 years old, a Japanese student studying Data Science online at FUNiX.

The 22-year-old student was surprised by FUNiX’s training model and impressed with an appearance and companion as a close friend of Hannah – a cute Vietnamese girl who is always ready to answer any questions and problems, even if the problem appears at any time of the day. Studying together with Hannah, Shoya overcame the anxiety of starting a new learning path, to feel more confident exploring a field unfamiliar to his main major, Data Science.

“Hannah helps me a lot from motivating to listening to everything I share. That is something that the atmosphere I live in cannot have. In school, professors know everything but students like me often do not have the opportunity to share what they know, what they have just learned. At FUNiX, I have Hannah ”.

Shoya is also surprised with the team of mentors in Vietnam – experienced Data Science experts who are always ready to answer questions in the most detailed way. Every question that Shoya pops out is opened up by mentors, directing him to topics of knowledge in a straightforward way. As a result, Shoya can easily and enjoy technology knowledge.

Before FUNiX, Shoya also started learning online via Zoom last April, when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. However, this guy still thinks that how to learn FUNiX is still very different from what he has experienced. With FUNiX, the most interesting thing is that Shoya can study anywhere, anytime, even going to a cafe to have a change of atmosphere.

“Not only just studying in FUNiX, but I also have a lot of school assignments, and also part-time jobs, so it is sometimes difficult to arrange the time. To overcome this, I discussed the appropriate study plan with Hannah and spent the morning – the most alert time of the day to learn FUNiX,” Shoya said.

Japanese students connect online to study at FUNiX.

The Japanese student is interested in FUNiX’s educational principle – “Self-learning & Adaptability”. After two weeks of joining the “Cloud School”, Shoya better understands Data Science and knows why this technology becomes the inevitable trend of the future. “I believe that knowledge of Data Science will be very good for my career in the future when almost everything in the world needs technology. I also believe in FUNiX, which not only helps me access knowledge, but also learns lifelong learning, and is connected to a technology network with values ​​that will follow me forever,” Shoya affirmed. 

Officially deployed in Japan in 2021, FUNiX Japan applies the online information technology training model FUNiX Way (learning with MOOC materials, with a team of mentors to guide knowledge, Hannah accompanying). FUNIX Japan will have close cooperation with FPT Japan and universities in Japan as well as the Japan Professional and Business Association to bring a methodical and effective online information technology training program with high practice. Before FUNiX Japan, FUNiX had international cooperation programs, deployed online technology training for students in countries such as Singapore, Indonesia with nearly 100 students. “The presence of FUNiX Japan will contribute to affirming the advantages of FUNiX Way in particular and Vietnamese education in general on the world map” – Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam, Founder of FUNiX affirmed.

Source: Chungta.vn